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Picky, Picky

So just when it appears we have this parenting thing figured out, something happens that throws us for a little bit of a loop.  And from what I understand, that's pretty much to be expected with this parenting gig for the rest of our lives, we'll never get it completely figured out.  This latest snag… Continue reading Picky, Picky


Day Date at Betty Danger’s

Nate and I took this past Friday off to attend the Social Media Breakfast together (it was about beer this month, how could we not go?) and since we had Oliver go to my mom for the day as normal, we decided to take the rest of the day as a "date day" and finally… Continue reading Day Date at Betty Danger’s

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Thrift Style Thursday – Taking Risks

Megan suggested the theme of "Taking Risks" today for Thrift Style Thursday.  I'm not much of a risk taker overall, so I wasn't quite sure what I would do for today, but then I remembered this dress. Now you might be looking at this dress and saying, what is so risky about that?  Well, this… Continue reading Thrift Style Thursday – Taking Risks


Midwives Book Review

I haven't been doing a very good job of reading lately.  I'm really trying to improve on this, but it seriously takes me awhile to finish a book.  I thought if I actually tried to do some book reviews on occasion that maybe it would force me to read more.  I just finished a book… Continue reading Midwives Book Review

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Stitch Fix August Box

Ok first of all - I sort of bombed my "Blog Every Day in August" challenge.  Life happens on the weekends and I'm not making excuses, but it just didn't happen this weekend, so I have bowed out of the challenge.  I will have more thoughts on this and balance and all that jazz later… Continue reading Stitch Fix August Box


Kids and Family Fun at the MN State Fair

It's no secret if you've been following me for awhile that I love the Minnesota State Fair.  Nate and I have been going to the Fair every year we've been together and it is one of our favorite events of the entire year, it's practically like Christmas.  If it weren't for the fact that we… Continue reading Kids and Family Fun at the MN State Fair

Thrift Style Thursday

Thrift Style Thursday – Tribal

Welcome to Thrift Style Thursday for the week!  Today's theme is "Tribal".  I thought I'd struggle with this one as I really don't have anything in that genre in my closet.  Then I remembered this arrow shirt that I have and I was able to pull something together after all! I tried to get a… Continue reading Thrift Style Thursday – Tribal


Currently in August

Favorite link up of the month alert!  Time for Currently with Anne of In Residence and Jenna from Gold and Bloom!  I love these monthly check-ins!  Here are some current happenings in my world for this month.   --Currently I am-- Creating - I spent pretty much all of July creating and working on this here… Continue reading Currently in August