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What’s Up Weekend 12.1.17

It’s FRIDAY!! I missed doing What’s Up Weekend last week but it was nice to have the holiday weekend off too. I’m happy to be back with Charlotte and Lindsay today though to count our blessings and share the happy in the week. With all the yuck in the news lately we really need it! So without further ado, here are my ten good things of the week!

(1) The Drive Through difference. On my way into work today I stopped for coffee and a crossant from Starbucks because I have the early shift. I found out that a nice person ahead bought a gift card and told the barista to tell everyone Merry Christmas. I have heard of this before but never been lucky enough to experience it. So thank you random person. You made my day and I will try my best to pass it on to someone else!

(2) A really great birthday weekend. I know I already blogged about it so I won’t go into tons of details, but I’m still smiling at how much fun last weekend was. I hope to go back to Can Can Wonderland soon, Ollie has talked about it all week.

(3) Feeling good about my Christmas shopping. I haven’t bought that much yet, but I know what I’m buying for a lot of people and for me that’s half the battle. Having a plan will make things easier in the coming weeks here!

(4) All the lights on my house. Nate’s so cute this year, he keeps adding more. It makes Ollie so happy, so how can you not?

(5) Bota Box. I’ve mentioned we’ve been drinking a little more wine than beer lately and I am in love with the Bota Box. I used to not like box wine, it didn’t taste as good and would give me a headache. This stuff is different somehow. It’s better for the value and it’s much easier to have a glass and not have to open a whole bottle. My favorite is the Pinot Grigio.

(6) Thanksgiving part two. Nate and I enjoyed our Thanksgiving leftovers for Date Night at home on Monday and it was just as delicious as day one. This may have been his best turkey yet.

(7) Cheap entertainment. To make a long story short, someone attempted to take my Unicorn light out of my yard earlier this week. Nate’s been meaning to get us a Nest camera for awhile anyway, so he picked one up. He hasn’t had a chance to mount it outside yet, so he set it up on the back of the couch facing out the window, but you can see a little bit of the inside of the house too. We have an app on our phone that will alert us of motion. Guess what kept triggering it yesterday? Taylor. Sitting on the couch. Sleeping on the couch. Taking a bath on the couch. It was pretty funny.

(8) More Unicorn love. I bought myself the cutest cell phone case from the Dollar Spot at Target and I gotta say, I love it even more than the one I got when I got the phone! It has glitter inside. I’m such a girl it kills me sometimes.

(9) Kelly Clarkson doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. She is just the best. I adore her. Also Pink’s was very good too.

(10) Birthday fun continues! Today is my dad’s birthday – Happy birthday Dad! And then Sunday is Ollie’s 4th birthday! So we have lots of celebrating to do this weekend!

In addition to the birthday celebrations we’re going to a fun event with Ollie tomorrow put on by the Twin Cities Moms Blog – Donuts with Santa. It seemed like a no-brainer, the kid loves donuts and it will be a way to see Santa in a less crazy more personal setting. Sunday night we’ll have his birthday party. With more donuts. He’s not big on cake, so we said we could do a donut cake instead. He’s pretty excited. We’ll be on a sugar high all weekend I think!

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to link up with the gals and I below and be sure to check out the other posts!

13 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 12.1.17”

  1. UNICORN EVERYTHING! 🙂 Hey babe! I missed reading your post last week but glad you are back in the saddle this week.
    It doesn’t surprise me that someone tried to take your unicorn – people are awful and this is partly why we cannot have nice things.
    I’m so happy you and Nath both had such great birthday weekends. 🙂

    Send a donut over my way, would you? 😉 I hope you have a wonderful weekend lovey. xoxoxoxo
    Lindsay recently posted…What’s up, Weekend? {12/01}My Profile

  2. A friend suspected he had a mouse in his crawl space and so set up a motion triggered camera a couple years ago. It got to the point that he would call us all over to his desk whenever the mouse stirred, and we’d watch it. Long story short, it got to the point he couldn’t hurt the mouse and had to call (non-cruelty) exterminators is to deal with it because he couldn’t bring himself to do anything to disturb the poor little thing.

    We made the switch from white lights outside to colourful ones and it makes C so happy. Finally I’ve found a way to get Scott into the spirit!

    Happy weekend and I can’t wait to hear about Ollie’s birthday!
    Cara – Hanging Off The Edge recently posted…Five Things FridayMy Profile

  3. You’ve had such a great week! I love Thanksgiving meals. That looks delicious. Happy belated birthday. So glad you had a great weekend!

  4. So cool that your breakfast was paid for at Starbucks! We have a Christian radio station here in St. Louis called Joy 99.1. They encourage you to “joy” someone by buying their stuff at the drive thru. They even have little notes saying “you’ve been joyed” that you can print and have the sales associates give to the person. So fun!
    Penny Struebig recently posted…Five on Friday – December 1, 2017My Profile

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