Humpday Confessions 11.29.17

Guess what day it is? It’s Hump Day! And guess what that means? Humpday Confessions!! It’s been awhile, so I figured, why not? So let’s hop into that old confessional and unload a bit.

~I have not been reading. At all. I am just not in a reading mood lately. And I’m not going to apologize for that. I won’t meet my reading challenge for the year. And that’s ok. My escape right now is streaming Friends episodes on my phone at night and I’m not going to apologize for that either. And as a result I have kind of unceremoniously quit my book club. I’ll have more thoughts on that another time.

~I totally bought a bra last night at Target without intending to. It was put back in the wrong department – the boys t-shirt department in fact. So I’m looking at t-shirts for Ollie and all of a sudden he goes “mommy, you should buy this!” And he has this bra in his hand. And I start telling him, no, I’m not going to buy a bra when I notice that this bra is my size. And has a clearance tag of $5.00 on it. So I bought a bra. And guess what? It is the most comfortable bra I own right now! It’s like the Magic Bra Fairy hid it there just for me I guess!

~An email went home from Ollie’s school before the Thanksgiving break saying we should keep routines similar over the holiday weekend. Hahaha. Guess what we didn’t do? We slept in every day. We were out and doing things just about every day. But he has done ok getting back to his normal schedule so far. Kids are pretty adaptable…sometimes.

~I did some Black Friday shopping for someone other than myself, but the only Cyber Monday shopping I did was for myself. How can you resist 50% off everything at Old Navy?

~I actually want it to snow. I don’t mind that it’s been kind of unseasonably warm this week, but now that it’s Christmas season and we have our lights up outside I just want some snow. I want a White Christmas darn it!!

~Nate and I often spell things when we don’t want Ollie to know what we’re talking about. But the kid is so smart he’s starting to figure out how certain words are spelled. So we’ve taken to using Pig Latin. Parents of the year. Ould-shay e-way et-gay a-hay Appy-hay Eal-May or-fay inner-day? Hahahaha! It works.

So that’s what I have today. Got anything you want to get off your chest? Feel free to share in the comments below! And happy Humpday!

17 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 11.29.17”

  1. Oh my goodness — I was just thinking that I’ve really stopped reading too! I started a book that wasn’t very thrilling to me and instead of just stopping and starting another book, I’ve been stuck reading a page or two and then stopping. Crazy! Friends is such a great show that if I were you, I’d watch them over reading too. 🙂
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  2. Nice score at Target! 😉 And I would like snow, too.

    I must have picked up where you left off as far as reading because I’ve actually been avidly reading every day for a few weeks.

    I’m laughing about the Pig Latin – can’t wait til he figures that one out, too.

  3. Ok let’s see if I can remember all my thoughts:

    Magic bra fairy made me lol, and then wish it was a real thing (readjusts the Too-big-band which has ridden up again).

    We’ve got a spelling decoder too. She’s figured out b-a-t-h and i-c-e c-r-e-a-m. At least she hasn’t figured out what Golden Arches means.

    We’re trying to start a routine around here for the big return to work next week. None of us are fans. Turns out we’re not big on change. Or mornings. Glad Ollie is adaptable.

    Oh and snow on Christmas lights is my favourite thing. I’m all for snow, but just in a couple weeks. I’d like the wind to go away first. No need for blizzards.

    And my confession: I feel hugely guilty I’m not more upset about going back to work. I think it’s because it’s for just over 2.5 weeks and then I get Christmas break off, which means January is going to SUCK but I also worry that it won’t suck and that will mean I’m a bad mom. Say, they should make a movie about bad moms :p
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    1. I know, I hope the Magic Bra Fairy comes back sometime!
      How are these kids so smart with the spelling? Ollie totally knows what Golden Arches are. We try to creatively describe it sometimes too. He doesn’t know all the old school characters so sometimes I will go, should we pick up something from that place with Grimace and the Hamburgler?
      YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM. Ok. Sorry for shouting. You’re not. Nothing wrong with being a bit ready to join the world again. <3
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  4. I know what you mean about not being into reading. I just finished a book that I’ve been holding onto for a long time. It was a dark read and it was just bad timing. I’m glad that you’re not forcing yourself to finish something that you’re not into. It’s all good friend. All good.
    Girl, I bought myself a pair of boots because I didn’t need them and because I loved them.
    What school tells parents to keep routines similar? If my child is sleeping in, that means I am sleeping in. So, Eat a bag of turd Mrs. Carol or whatever said teacher’s name is. I’m literally done with teachers. So done.
    It’s almost 50 here in Canada. Not a speck of snow here. My grass is super green. I dig it. But I did buy the child snow pants and boots just to be on the safe side!
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    1. I figure I’ll get back into reading eventually, it comes and goes in waves with me.
      YAS to the boots! If you love them, then of course you need them!
      Yeah, the teachers mean well but I don’t know. I take a lot of what they send home with a huge grain of salt. I know what’s best for my kid thank you.
      Yep, 50 here too. It’s so weird.
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  5. Ha! Love the Pig Latin! I got most of my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday, and I’ve been pretty good about not buying stuff for myself. Well, not totally good, but better than usual 😉 I can’t believe how warm it’s been and it’s almost December. We just put up our trees too, so come on snow!
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  6. That magic bra fairy needs to come visit my local Target! That’s fantastic.
    Seriously – how many parents actually keep normal routines over holidays? That’s way too difficult to pull off! LOL
    It’s totally cool that you aren’t feeling reading. It happens- and if you have another down time activity to do, then go for it!!

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  7. I found it REALLY hard to resist the black Friday deals, only bought 1 thing for myself though (or at all lol)… that’s so cute that your son picked out a great deal of a bra for you that you now love!

  8. I get my bras at Target too! I get them in the little girl section because sadly, I am a grown ass woman who still wears an “A” cup! I am trying to get through Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened” right now but it is hard to get into the right frame of mind to read it, so most of the time I fall asleep while reading Reddit! What did you get at Old Navy?
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  9. Do you mind sending the bra fairy my way?
    Old Friends episodes are so funny – every so often I find them on TV and have a laugh all over again. Reading is something to be enjoyed – if you aren’t feeling it then don’t force it.
    Would like to hear more how you left your book club. I’ve never been in one so interested to hear more.
    Hubby and I were once in a supper club – getting out of it was so difficult we vowed never to join another!

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