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Holiday Tuesday Topics – Four Christmas Traditions

I’ve decided to do my own Tuesday Topics for now. I’m keeping it simple for December and focusing on four holiday topics each week until Christmas. Feel free to join me if you wish, I am not doing a link up, so I just ask if you do a post on any of these, just link back to me. Here are the themes I’ve chosen.

This week we’ll kick it off with Four Favorite Holiday Traditions! Here are the things I look forward to each year.

(1) Pick out a live tree and decorate it. We’ve only been doing live trees since Ollie was about two. We used to avoid them because of the cats. One year I’d just had enough of my ugly fake tree, so we decided to give it a try and now I’m never going back! Ollie loves choosing a tree, this year he kept saying he was picking the biggest and best tree ever! This year was also the first year he really got into helping put the ornaments on the tree. I love taking out the ornaments each year, it’s like saying hello to an old friend!

(2) Watching holiday movies and specials. I listed my favorite holiday movies a few weeks ago like Elf and Home Alone. I also love watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and a Muppet Family Christmas and all the old classic Christmas cartoons. And it’s pretty dorky, but I love watching Christmas episodes of my favorite shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, their Christmas episode is seriously one of my favorites. And there are a few good Friends episodes too (I’m the Holiday Armadillo! Santa’s part Jewish friend!) And Saturday Night Live has some epic Christmas sketches too (I’m most excited to share my Christmas balls with you.)

(3) Baking Christmas cookies. My mom and I make a tray of goodies for me to bring into work each year – and for us to enjoy as well of course! In a couple of weeks I’ll share a couple of my favorite recipes here. I bake a little on my own as well, I make gingersnaps each year. I’ll never forget the first year I made them, it had snowed and I wanted to bake but didn’t want to go to the store, so I looked at some recipes and figured out what I had ingrediants for and gingersnaps were the winner. Everyone has molasses in their cupboard on a regular basis right? Ha!

(4) Looking at Christmas lights. I love me some lights. We’re adding a bunch to our house this year and it makes me so happy. I love driving around and looking at lights while Christmas music is playing in the car. One of my favorite spots to go look at lights was in a park in St. Paul that unfortunately is not doing it any longer, so we’ll have to find a new spot. Ollie is also a pretty big fan of Christmas lights. We went up to Duluth and saw Bentleyville last year, but I don’t think we’ll make the trip this year. I’m sure we’ll find some good light displays somewhere though!

What are some of your holiday traditions? Come back next week when I’ll share three favorite Christmas songs!

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  1. I like these topics! How fun. I really love making cookies – I’ll be doing that in a a day or so because my annual Christmas cookie exchange party is this Saturday. I’ll do more baking later in the month too though! I also really love watching holiday films – I’m already diving into the Hallmark ones – and going around and seeing lights.

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  2. I love baking holiday cookies too. We usually do frosted sugar cookies, and I love making Mexican Wedding Cakes too. We’ve been getting a live tree the past couple of years too, and I love how it makes our house smell! It may be interesting this year with Violet–she’ll probably try to climb it or something.
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  3. I’m refusing to believe it will take much longer to get this kid to nap so I’m commenting my answers instead of blogging.
    1) yes, Christmas movies and specials. Last week was Shrek the Halls, this week was Muppet Christmas Carol (too long and dry for the toddler). I think it’s the grinch this weekend.
    2) Christmas baking and hating every minute of it… but hopefully not this year since we have a new oven that keeps a consistent temperature. Now to find all new recipes without egg.
    3) Thai food the night before the night before Christmas. This is adapted from my in laws, who owned their own business. They would send their staff home early on Christmas Eve and do all the end of day stuff themselves which often meant being late bike themselves, so they’d pick up Chinese food or pizza on the way home.
    4)wearing Christmas socks (I need to remember to find mine this year! I almost missed them last year!)
    5) travelling. Every year we hop in the car on Christmas Day or Boxing Day and drive a minimum of 2 hours to visit family. Only once in my 33 years has it stormed: last year.
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  4. I love A Muppet Family Christmas! I teach elementary music, so one year I showed the movie (it’s on Youtube) to my first graders. They LOOOOOOVED it, and it kept us all sane right before Christmas break.

    How did you get your cats not to mess with your tree? I loved having live trees but as the cats got older, they started messing with it.
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  5. Your Christmas tree is so pretty! I love watching the animated and clay-mation holiday movies. Those are my favorites. I’m excited because this weekend, my entire family is getting together to make Christmas cookies, decorate my parents’ house and do their tree. 🙂

  6. Your holiday traditions are lovely. I’ve never had a live tree before but picking it out sounds like so much fun!
    That pic from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation had me laughing – it is just before cousin Eddie shows up! Love that movie!
    When hubby and I got married we started our own traditions and one is putting up the tree early December. I have old decorations that belonged to my Great-Grandmother and they are so special. I love to play Christmas CD’s (Boney M is played numerous times in December).
    We do our own thing for Christmas (our anniversary is just before it).
    I grew up in a home where Christmas was about seeing every member of the family, watching my Gran and parents run around doing everything (not always to very much appreciation). I often felt rushed and found being surrounded by loads of relatives not the most relaxing way to spend the day. If my parents hosted it was always about doing everything for the guests – I think they sometimes forgot it was my Christmas day too……
    I vowed never to have Christmas like that and since hubby and I got married we’ve ensured it isn’t. Last year we spent it in a hotel in Hermanus and it was wonderful. We escape the chaos and mayhem and just enjoy a quiet day.
    This year we are making a full Christmas lunch for us two (and will enjoy the leftovers the next day). We will see hubby’s parents before Christmas to exchange gifts and have dinner together.

  7. Oh I love everything about the holidays! While we probably won’t have a live tree (woomp!), I’ll do everything else that you mentioned. I LOVE holiday movies (esp. the family based ones) and baking and looking at the lights is always on my to-do lists. I am also a big fan of sending Christmas cards – it’s a must for me every year. Email won’t do.
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