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Tuesday Topics – One Thanksgiving Dish

It’s the last week of Tuesday Topics. I’m not sure if I’ll return to Thrifty Tuesdays after this, come up with my own Tuesday Topics or just write other stuff, so stay tuned. But today we’re talking Thanksgiving and one favorite Thanksgiving Dish. One favorite?? How does one pick??

Seriously, it is one of my favorite meals of the entire year. I personally only contribute one thing – an apple pie. Nate and my in-laws pretty much make everything else! It might be too cliche to say that the turkey is my favorite, as that is kind of the center of the meal. Nate has been cooking the turkey in his smoker for the last several years and it is amazing. I could say mashed potatoes and gravy are my favorite, because my mother-in-law makes potatoes from scratch and they are creamy and delicious with just a handful of lumps. I could say stuffing is my favorite, how can you go wrong with delicious cooked bread and spices covered in more gravy? All of these things are fantastic, but I think my favorite is our green bean casserole.

We’ve found a unique recipe that involves making a bechamel style sauce, caramelized onions and panko bread crumbs and it is SO good. Bechamel sauce is like a cheesy sauce, we make ours with manchego cheese, which is a sheep cheese. Sheep milk is easier for people with dairy sensitivities, which Nate’s sister has. You make the sauce on the stove, caramelize your onions, mix it up with the green beans in a casserole baking dish, top with panko bread crumbs and bake it. And it is amazing.

So if you had to force me to choose ONE Thanksgiving dish, I think the green beans win. But I sure do love that turkey too. And potatoes. And the rolls we get from our local bakery. And all the pie. Dammit. You can’t pick one Thanksgiving food! Oh well. I tried.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving food?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – One Thanksgiving Dish”

  1. We get to celebrate thanksgiving again because my mother in law is American. She cooks the bird very early and then reheats it. It’s like a mummified bird. So damn dry. I can never eat it. My parents always joke with me before I head over there “Make sure you eat dinner before you eat dinner so that way you don’t starve.”
    Sigh…but I think it’s cancelled this year because we lost a loved one. C’est la vie.
    Kimberly recently posted…I Know Mom, He SaysMy Profile

  2. I could eat just stuffing and be pretty darn happy, but you’re right it is hard to choose. because i want good cranberry sauce, and i always want a roll. And may as well have potatoes and turkey.
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  3. Now I get why you were talking about green beans and goat milk on Twitter! Your recipe sounds classy and yummy. My sister-in-law always brings green bean casserole to Christmas dinner. Only she’s not a proficient cook by any means, and so she uses Cream of Chicken soup, canned green beans and tops it with funions. Yours sounds much better!
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