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Time to Make the Donuts

I had a hard time getting Ollie excited about Halloween this year initially. I started asking in September about what he wanted to dress up as this year and he kept saying “nothing.” We showed him pictures of his past Halloween costumes and he slowly started warming up to the idea and said he wanted to be a puppy again. While I don’t mind repeating costumes I figured the third year in a row of being a dog of some sort might be getting a little old, especially when he isn’t even a big fan of them! I gave him lots of suggestions until finally something clicked. He saw a picture I took on my girls weekend with Jen of me trying on a giant donut at Target. He asked “mommy, can I be a donut for Halloween? And can you be a donut too?” And then Target ended up having a buy one, get one 50% off deal on their costumes so I was like “yes, of course we can be donuts!”

We toyed around with ideas for Nate too, I loved someone’s suggestion of him being Homer Simpson. Someone else said he should be a cup of coffee. I suppose he could have been a police officer. Then my mom made a good suggestion – what about a chef? Done. We were now Chef Nate and His Donuts. Our album will be released shortly.

We had a blast on Halloween. Ollie wasn’t allowed to wear his costume to school, but as soon as we got home for the day we put them on and I have never seen a happier kid, seriously. He wanted to be the pink donut and he wanted me to be the white one. I have no problem with my boy wearing something pink! After we took a few pictures at home we got in the car and drove a few places to trick or treat. One of these years we might try our own neighborhood but for now we go to his grandparents and his auntie’s house. We did stop by our immediate next door neighbor’s house though because we’ve gotten to know her quite well and she was outside when we were leaving.

We made four stops between Nate’s sister, my parents, Nate’s parents and my parents’ best friends who are like psuedo grandparents to Ollie. Everyone loved the costumes and Ollie was his usual hambone self of course. We taught him the old Dunkin Donuts commercial “time to make the donuts” and said that because Nate was a chef he should walk around saying that. So of course Ollie told that to everyone we saw. He made out like a bandit too, everyone had goodie bags for him so he was in seventh heaven.

When we were getting ready for bed at the end of the night, Ollie asked if we could do it all again tomorrow. I laughed but told him, no, sadly we don’t have Halloween again for another year. I think he’ll survive the wait though. He has a birthday and Christmas just around the corner now. I have to say though, this just might be my favorite Halloween!

I also wanted to share a picture of our pumpkins. We carved them the night before Halloween and I was so excited, Nate helped me carve a unicorn. Best. Pumpkin. Ever. I hope you all had a good Halloween!

14 thoughts on “Time to Make the Donuts”

  1. Love your costumes and pumpkins! And the fact that you were able to get everyone in the same theme – great ideas! My neighborhood is quiet too, I live on a dark one way street, so I didn’t get any trick or treaters. More candy for me though lol!
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  2. His costume – all of yours – were adorably perfect. My son wasn’t exactly thrilled about his costume picking this year either. We went right down to the wire. Then of course he picked the most scariest one of all. My goodness!
    Kimberly recently posted…OversharingMy Profile

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