What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 10.27.17

Oh you guys. This week has been another WEEK. Ollie was sick, I’m suffering a lovely cold, it’s snowing outside today, work has been a bit nuts. I could be cranky, but I’m instead just being grateful that it’s Friday and that the weekend is here and we’re getting to peak Halloween time. And to help boost my mood, it’s time for What’s Up Weekend with my girls Charlotte and Lindsay. Even with it being a yuck week at times there are still plenty of things making me happy and that I’m grateful for! Let’s take a look, shall we?

(1) We got our family pictures back from my friend Erin and they are adorable as always. And as usual I can’t pick a favorite. I have two here I’ll share, one of the three of us and one of my ham-bone child, ha!

(2) I upgraded my old iPhone to a new one! I had cracked the screen on my old one, the lease was up on it and it was just time for a new one. The best part of my new one? I added additional storage. HUGE difference. I no longer have to delete everything. Yay for that.

(3) Halloween crafts with my favorite little guy. They don’t really do Halloween crafts at Ollie’s school, so I found a few ideas online to make with him. We did a paper plate pumpkin, cotton ball ghost and Q-tip skeletons.

(4) Wine and cheese night at home with my favorite date. We haven’t done a wine and cheese night style date night in quite awhile and it was lovely. Nate also found us a delicious dessert that was a cross between a chocolate tort and a baklava. It was good.

(5) Playing ghosts with Ollie before work. We made little ghosts out of Kleenex. He was a little confused at first but kind of started to get the hang of it. He told me to take my ghost to work with me. I promised to take pictures of my ghost doing things.

(6) Super fun mail. I can’t wait to share with you next week the fun #SPBox Fall Swap box I received from my awesome swap partner San of The Inbetween Is Mine.

(7) Fun times at the Children’s Museum with Ollie as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I’m looking forward to the next time we go!

(8) Being able to take the afternoon off to stay home and cuddle my kiddo when he wasn’t feeling good the other day. And the fact that he got over whatever it was very quickly!

(9) Playing the “how did we meet” GIF game on Facebook. I laughed so hard. I have the best friends ever out there.

(10) We finished season one of Stranger Things just in time for the new season that is out TODAY! Woo hoo!

See, there is always something to be grateful for! And I’ll admit, while I don’t love snow in October, looking out the window it kind of looks like a snow globe right now. And it’s kind of pretty. There, I said it. Looking ahead to the weekend I have a little pampering with a hair appointment and I am singing at church (hoping my voice will be ok!) and hopefully some down time too. We have some pumpkins to decorate too so I’m guessing that will happen!

Be sure to check out the other folks linking up with us below and feel free to add your own post as well! Have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 10.27.17”

  1. You’re right and it’s funny how we essentially said the same things in our posts today—there always is something to be grateful for and these lists are wonderful reminders. I want to see pictures of snow!!! Not ready yet either (and it seems so early!!) but it sure is pretty, that first time in the season, eh! Also love your arts and crafts and hope you are all feeling better over there!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, sweet friend!!

    Charlotte recently posted…What’s up, weekend 10/27My Profile

  2. I always love to read about the postive things people post on this link-up on Fridays… even during a bad week, we can always find something to be grateful for and happy about.

    Your family photos are so cute (are you wearing an Amelia?)
    And I love the Halloween crafting with Ollie 🙂
    San recently posted…Currently | OctoberMy Profile

  3. I hope poor Ollie is feeling better now! I’m glad you got to have some snuggle time though–that is the upside to having a sick kiddo. I love your little Halloween crafts too, how cute! I’m jealous of your phone storage… I feel like mine runs out of storage every few days. Ha!
    Shea recently posted…Fall Staple: Burgundy CardiganMy Profile

  4. Your Halloween crafts look great! Ollie must have had such fun!
    Hope your cold is on its way out.
    Your family photos are so sweet!
    Your cheese and wine evening must have been awesome with that dessert 🙂

  5. Hey Girl,

    Is it the time of year or what, because I feel like everyone is in burn-out mode or they’re just tired and/or cranky. I think for me, on top of other things like work and life, I find the lack of daylight brutal and incredibly hard on all of us. I just try to wait until December 21st, knowing that it’s the shortest day of light and then from there on out, it’s an upward battle. It helps having positive perspective. LOL.

    Love the picture of the three of you, but most certainly that ham of a child of yours. You’re going to have huge issues with him being a ladies man when he’s older, you know? Not that that’s a bad thing… I mean that smile and coy look…. I die. LOL.

    I’ve never asked this but is Ollie short for Oliver, then? Or is he just Ollie?

    I hope this week is better for you, love. I have a quiet office tomorrow. Thirteen of sixteen people in my department are going to an all-day conference tomorrow and I’m back at work manning the fort. SO needless to say the morning will be productive, but the afternoon, oh hells no. While the boss is away…. the mice will play. 😉

    Lindsay recently posted…Oh, October My Profile

    1. Hi Sweets!

      I think it is this time of year. I’m feeling it man. And I can tell people around me are too. I need some sunshine.

      LOL you can tell me he’ll be a ladies man, that’s cool. I am pretty sure he will be! And Ollie is short for Oliver.

      So far this week is decent. I hope it is for you too. XOXOXO
      Beth recently posted…Time to Make the DonutsMy Profile

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