Humpday Confessions 10.18.17

We’re going to hop into the confessional today because it’s been awhile and we all need a chance to cleanse ourselves every now and then! So, as Usher once sang, these are my confessions.

~I don’t like rushing seasons at all. I am a huge one for making sure there is time to appreciate and enjoy Thanksgiving in between Halloween and Christmas – but – the grocery store had my beloved Reindeer Blend coffee from Caribou this week and I happily bought and am already drinking it. Tis the season to be jolly, fa la, la la la, la la la laaaaaa.

~I broke my secondhand style challenge again. On boots. I had to throw away a pair of black boots that were flaking and falling apart. Target had boots on sale this week. I didn’t want to wait for the perfect pair of boots to come through the thrift store. So, I bought boots. And a fox shirt from Lularoe…because foxes. And a tote bag that also has a fox on it…because foxes. Guys. I am the worst. More to come on this later I think. I can at least justify the boots though, right?

~Sometimes I wish I was a better writer. I read all these beautiful, heartfelt, thought provoking posts from other bloggers that are inspiring in so many ways and I’m over going, hi, I love lamp. I kid, but I do want to work on my writing. I’m not trying to play the comparison game. There is just always room for improvement.

~I am ridiculously addicted to the Marco Polo app on my phone. If you’re not familiar with it it’s like Facetime meets Snapchat and it’s kind of amazing. It gives me a way to talk to my friends I don’t get to see everyday and it’s almost like we’re able to have a back and forth conversation. And I may have just bought a pop socket mount for my car so I can mount my phone for hands free polo-ing, I mean for hands free navigation. Yeah, that’s it.

~In the gross category, Pippin cat had thrown up in our basement the other day. On the shag carpet. And I let it dry instead of trying to clean it right away because then I could just vacuum it up. I finally vacuumed it yesterday. But it sat there for a couple of days…

~My beautiful Fall colored manicure lasted less than a week and I’d like to blame it on the fact that they didn’t use gel polish, but I know that I’m also quite rough on my nails. I’m pretty sure it’s my own fault. Back to painting my own nails I go.

~Pretty sure I’ve confessed this one before, I’m currently sitting on three baskets full of clean clothes. I hate folding! If anyone finds that folding fairy, send her my way. Or if you know how to add hours to a day, that would be awesome too.

Phew. Ok, I feel better now. I will do my penance now! Feel free to share your own confessions with me. We are all only human after all!

16 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 10.18.17”

  1. Okay – my confessions – I compare my writing to yours because I think you do a phenomenal job on it! I wouldn’t blame the nail polish on you being rough – I think it’s because they didn’t use gel – Mine was peeling and chipping so quickly too! I LOVE Marco Polo too! I need to use it more often to see and talk with you!
    Gina recently posted…Hello – I have depressionMy Profile

  2. Girl, do you all have Ardene in America or is this just a Canadian store? I don’t know…but we have it in Canada and it is super inexpensive. Espeically when things go on sale. You can get boots for buy one get one or sometimes half off. It’s insanity. Plus their clothes are totally your jam. I live for that place. LIVE for it. I need new boots too. Mine are destroyed at the tips.
    And what is you talking bout with your writing? STOP IT. Just no. *Slaps your wrist* You are a wonderful writer girlfriend. Sometimes what needs to happen is letting go of fear – what is it that is holding you back from writing about that one thing you’ve been itching about? Is it judgment? Girl, let it flow. Know those words you put in your journal? Throw it up here. Try it out. See how it feels. I guarantee you, once you do that a few times, it gets a little less scary…and you’ll find that people are super supportive and receptive. You are amazing. Keep telling yourself that! You really are! Do it! xooxx
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    1. Have I told you that you are my favorite person? Seriously. Thank you SO much for your sweet words my friend. You have no idea what that meant to me. I do need to let go of some fear of judgment and that is something I’m going to work on. Cause I gots lots to say!
      And no we don’t have Ardene and now I am bummed! I would probably spend a lot of money there! Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have it….anyway, so much love for you girl, thank you xoxo
      Beth recently posted…Humpday Confessions 10.18.17My Profile

  3. I think boots are necessary so you can’t always wait for the perfect pair to come to the thrift shop! I always have laundry sitting in the dryer so don’t feel bad about that either. haha

  4. DUDE. I nearly just spit out my salad with “I LOVE LAMP.” LMAO!!! Thank you for that. I totes needed it 🙂

    See, here’s the thing. I know what you mean re: the comparison trap, because I fall in at least once a day myself. But here’s the thing. YOU ARE SO GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO. and your writing is real and authentic and it connects. Maybe I’m being selfish, but I love what you do because YOU are doing it and you’re so good at it. Does that make sense?

    In other news, I totally jump seasons and then I get pissed at stores who do. I’m the biggest hypocrite but give me pumpkin in July and winterbark in October, lol.

    Charlotte recently posted…Spinning awayMy Profile

    1. I’m glad that my lamp comment made you smile! And thank you for your sweet words, I really appreciate it, you made ME smile. We’re all in this thing together right? And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to jump seasons but then jumps seasons, lol! <3
      Beth recently posted…Humpday Confessions 10.18.17My Profile

  5. I’m also someone who doesn’t like to rush holidays. I refuse to think about the Christmas week until Thanksgiving is here and gone. However, yesterday I was thinking to myself that maybe this is why the holidays always seem to fly by. Perhaps I’m wrong in not drawing them out as long as I can… Who knows!

  6. You get the boots. The rest….
    I’m with you on the second guessing writing skills. I’ve been writer’s blocked lately because I start writing and then a couple paragraphs in and I read what I’ve got and just delete it all.
    And my confession… I had a multi-story arc dream last night about a (male) co-worker, romantic stylez. I kept waking up and thinking: “well that was weird, but at least it’s over” and then I’d go back to sleep and it would just keep going. Even weirder: I can’t remember the last time I saw him. It’s been over half a year.
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  7. Your writing is awesome – I love visiting your blog 🙂
    Seriously lately I’ve also been comparing my writing to fellow bloggers – some I read and would take me ages to start commenting because I didn’t know where to start – some posts are so beautiful and honest.
    I’ve never tried gellish but very tempted as I hear it lasts longer.
    Confession: I love ironing. I find it very calming. Yes really. I get alot of odd looks when I say this.

  8. I’d happily fold your clothes, will you come over and mop my floors? 🙂

    You can totally justify the boots AND the fox items… I mean, FOX!!! <3

    I am with you on the "appreciate the seaon that you're in"… I don't want to see Christmas decorations quite yet (although I'd probably buy the holiday coffee LOL )
    San recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #9My Profile

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