What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 10.13.17

Happy Friday friends! I hope you all had a great week! As always on Fridays I’m hosting the weekly What’s Up Weekend post with my girls Charlotte of My Pixie Blog and Lindsay from The Flynnigans. I love this chance to look back at the good from the week! Here’s a look at the things making me happy today!

(1) Date night with my favorite person. While our original plans didn’t 100% pan out, I had a great time out with my husband last Saturday. We hadn’t gone out just the two of us in awhile, so it was a great treat!

(2) Stranger Things. We are SOOO late to the party on this. We tried watching it when it was first out last year and watched the first episode and never watched any others and I honestly don’t know why. So now we’re binging it in preparation for season two and I am in love. I’m not much for scary things usually but this show is just so good.

(3) Hanson in concert. Yes I am still a 15 year old girl. I kid, but man I had a good time the other night with Jen and a couple of friends of hers who have by extension become friends of mine. And yes, they did play Mmmbop, but I was more excited about hearing Penny and Me live.

(4) Silent Journey at Ollie’s school. Every year the parents are invited to an evening where we go into the classroom, for the first half hour we look at all the tools they use but we don’t talk. The second half hour the teachers do presentations and explain what they do. This year we got a little more out of it because Ollie talks at home more about what he’s working on. And it was so fun seeing it in person.

(5) New KEEP stuff. We won’t talk about whether or not this is considered breaking my secondhand challenge. Actually I read a great post from a fellow thrifter that if you’re supporting a local business it is just as good as secondhand. I’m supporting my friend’s business. Anyway, I got some stuff during a recent sale and I love it all. A plaid bracelet you guys. PLAID.

(6) Nate finished the stairs on our deck so the deck project is truly officially done! And now it’s pretty much almost winter. Oh well. We’ll enjoy the finished product next summer for sure!

(7) I’m a painter! After I did the paint night with my work a few weeks ago I told Nate how relaxing I find it and so he helped set me up with my own paint studio at home (aka my dining room for now). I found a step by step video on YouTube and painted a coffee cup last Saturday. I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. I’m not a professional, but that’s ok!

(8) Finally being able to put the comforter back on our bed. I love snuggling under it when it’s chilly at night. Of course it means it’s harder to get up in the morning, but man it’s like being wrapped in a hug.

(9) Sleepy morning snuggles with my favorite little guy. I am eating them up while he wants them, that is for sure.

(10) Halloween decorations. I bought some window clings at Target and Ollie and I had a ton of fun putting them up on our window at home. I’m just loving Halloween this year!

So that’s the latest from here! Looking ahead to the weekend I think we’re going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and then I’m helping throw a baby shower for Nate’s cousin on Sunday. So it could be a busy weekend, but should be a fun one! I hope you all have a great one! Feel free to link up your happy posts of the week below and check out all the other ones!

15 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 10.13.17”

  1. I’m still so jealous you saw Hanson live. That’s one group I loved as a kid that I’ve never seen and they don’t seem to come near me. One day! I do love the song “Penny and Me.” It’s been forever since I’ve heard it though!

    Aw, I love that you set up a painting area in your house. That coffee cup is really good! I love those painting classes, but I’d never thought of using Youtube to do the same thing!

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    1. It was so much fun! I haven’t been to a concert in quite awhile, so I think this was a good one for my first in a long time! Other than the fact that there were SO many people there!

  2. Oh my word I was transported back 20 years to when I was 14 and bought a Hanson cassette for my Walkman. Seeing them in concert must have been great!
    Those bracelets are lovely.
    I’d love to one of those painting evenings – we have them here too but I’ve never been – they look like so much fun and your painting is great 🙂

  3. Comforter season makes the fact summer is over a little less painful. We’re still in the layering stage. Our duvet is very warm and I was too lazy to wash sheets this week so I switched out our bamboo for flannel earlier than usual. They’re warm but not quite warm enough for our summer blanket. My mom quilts as did my grandma and so I have lots twin size quilts so those are haphazardly thrown on our bed to keep us warm. Pastel rainbows and yellow and blue sampler quilts aren’t exactly the best decorating but toasty warm. And yes, I’m on my mom’s case to make me a queen size quilt!
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  4. Morning snuggles are the best.
    We are deep in the comforters too but we skip that part and go right into *flip on the furnace because mom has arthritis* ….however, Shawn didn’t do that when he left for Japan and I’m like “How do I do this myself?”
    I’m gonna do this myself.
    I’m gonna.
    But then I think “I might burn the house down” so I just throw on another comforter and curse shawn….and eat cookies. Seems legit. LOL!
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  5. Hey babes,
    That pic of Ollie snuggling up on your chest is adorable. Kind of makes you forget about the days when he’s a cranky bum, eh?

    Love that you Nate make a point to do date night. That’s so important, I think moreso if you have kids of you’ve been together a long, long time. Too often we become complacent and too comfortable. It’s nice to flirt and be flirted with and BLUSH. Jeff made me blush the other day and pointed it out, it was pretty funny.

    Keep your first painting to compare to say in a years time. You’ll be blown away at the progress. That’s how Jeff’s mom started painting and she got so, so good. That was one thing that was pretty devastating when she was sick. She enjoyed and took comfort in painting and photography, and when she couldn’t do it any longer, it broke her heart. Our bedroom at Jeff’s dad’s place is covered with her paintings and it’s soothing sleeping in that room. Mind you we haven’t been up there in ages, but still.

    Hope your week isn’t too crappy babes. 😉
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