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A Visit to the MN Landscape Arboretum

Last Sunday, Nate’s mom asked if we wanted to go down to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. She had read that there were scarecrows and pumpkins to check out. Because more fall festival type things are on my Fall bucket list we said yes, let’s do it! We haven’t spent nearly enough time at the Arboretum. Part of the problem is that it’s 40 minutes across town from us, but the other reason is that we simply just don’t remember it’s there! At any rate, we had a lot of fun and only saw a fraction of things that they have to offer there!

The scarecrows are all in one general area and you can walk around and take pictures. There was also a pumpkin house and other pumpkins spread throughout as well. Ollie loved running around and looking at all the scarecrows.

This one above was called Tin Can Man. He was a hit with the kids, you could walk up and clang the cans together

This next one was called Big Friendly Guy and he was absolutely huge! Pretty sure several ladders were needed to put him together.

Beverly here reminds me of my grandmother. She definitely had pink curlers that she would put in her hair like that! And I am pretty sure she had a pink bathrobe as well.

We even found one that was Ollie sized! He didn’t want a picture with it at first but then was like, hey, this one is as tall as me! So he made a new friend, ha!

My boys were good sports and took a picture in front of the pumpkin house with me. If this doesn’t scream “Fall” I don’t know what does!

After we walked around the scarecrow area we headed to the Arboretum’s “Green Play Space.” This little play area is absolutely perfect, it’s not a traditional playground, it’s just nature items and the kids can play however they see fit. Ollie is not much for regular playgrounds right now, he’s not a climber and that’s ok. He loves dirt and grass and plants, so this play area was almost like tailor made for him.

Overall we had a great time, we would have loved to have spent more time but it was close to dinner time so we headed out after about an hour and a half. I’d love to go back and spend some more time, maybe even bring a picnic next time.

For the local folks, if you go, the Scarecrows and Pumpkins are there until the end of October. I definitely recommend checking it out! For more information, check out their website here. (link because I love).

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  1. A pumpkin house? How cool! We finally have some fun fall things to do planned and I’m so excited – it’s been so warm here in Ohio that it hasn’t even really felt like fall too much yet!

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