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What’s Up Weekend 10.6.17

Hi friends! We’ve made it to another Friday. I tried hard not to complain too much this time, but I’ve had the early Public Works shift all week so I’ve been a tired lady! I’m pretty happy that today is the last day and my regular schedule resumes next week. As always on Fridays I am taking some time to reflect on the good and happy things in my life and hosting a link up with my girls Charlotte from My Pixie Blog and Lindsay from the Flynnigans. After another heavy difficult news week with the Las Vegas shooting, I am definitely counting my blessings extra hard. Let’s take a look at what was good this week in my little world.

(1) I met up with my dear friend Gina and had a manicure after work on Tuesday. I normally don’t splurge on nails anymore, but she was getting ready to go on a big trip and asked if I wanted to join her for some pampering so I said, why not? I chose the most fun fall colored nails, orange with a brown accent nail. It was such a wonderful treat!

(2) I know I talked about it yesterday, but the Embrace movie night at my friend Cyndy’s house last Friday. It was such a great night with people who mean a great deal to me.

(3) Speaking of people who mean a great deal to me, I had a chance to have a long coffee date with my Jen last weekend and we had such a great conversation. It’s rare we get to sit and talk uninterrupted like that. And bonus, we found a good spot between where we both live (she’s south of Minneapolis and I’m north) so I think I see more of these meet ups in our future!

(4) Playing Traffic Jam with Ollie. I love his imagination. Lately his favorite game is having his cars get into a “traffic jam” and needing assistance to break up the traffic jam.

(5) Halloween. It’s funny, I’ve never been much for Halloween, but this year I’m like all in on it. I already bought costumes for Ollie and me, I’ve been adding decorations around the house, I’m just embracing all things Halloween. Maybe it’s a good break from reality or something.

(6) Random texts from my sister-in-law that involve old jokes from years ago and planning to dress up as the characters from Bob’s Burgers when the movie comes out in 2020. I say it from time to time, but I appreciate having a sister-in-law who is a friend. I’ve been with Nate so long now I can’t imagine my life without his sister in it and I’m just thankful for our relationship.

(7) Thank You Hilary video from Jimmy Fallon. I legit cried watching the Tonight Show writers and Miley Cyrus read their thank you notes to Hilary Clinton. I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I was with her and I am and always will be. And even though she is not the president she still gives me hope in a better world.

(8) A quick late afternoon nap and cuddle with Ollie. I was regretting it come bedtime last night, but Ollie fell asleep with me on the couch after we got home yesterday and I just couldn’t resist the sleepy snuggles with him.

(9) I got my flu shot this week, so no flu germs for me! I know some folks still got the flu last year even with the flu shot, so hopefully this year’s dose is stronger!

(10) Watching silly movies with Nate like Despicable Me 2. Yes I know they’re on movie number 3, but we are a little behind. And minions make me smile.

So those are my happy things right now! Please join us below and add your own link or go check out those who have shared! And have yourselves a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing in my life!

13 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 10.6.17”

  1. Pretty nail-color! And I love the story of you playing “traffic jam” with Ollie. That’s so creative and funny. If I had a kid, we’d play “stuck on a long line at Target.” šŸ™‚
    Shybiker recently posted…Red HookMy Profile

  2. Those are great fall colors you chose for your nails! I haven’t had a professional manicure in years (probably ten or more) because I usually keep my nails short and unpolished. Perhaps I’ll splurge soon though. šŸ™‚

  3. I really like that nail colour! I have a gift certificate that’s been itching to be used on my counter!
    I have not had a nap with my son in forever. He was never a napper. He’s too squiggly and busy in the day. I think he stopped having them at 2 years old. Sigh…It was a sad day in our house when those stopped.
    Our flu shots aren’t available yet in our clinics and pharmacies but hopefully soon because I hear a lot of people starting to sniffle! EEEKS! I get them every year. Whether they work or not is debatable. I still get them though.
    Have a great weekend lady xoxo
    Kimberly recently posted…(Extra)Ordinary: (More) Inspirational Stories Of Everyday People | ReviewMy Profile

  4. Traffic Jam, I love it. We’ve been playing a lot of car-related games too, although Jona’s games keep getting bossier. He’ll ask me to help me build a house, a garage, etc. and then he’ll go “No, not like that!” Sigh. Go you on Halloween! I feel like I’m always pulling that together last minute.
    Shea recently posted…October Goals and September WinsMy Profile

  5. I love me some Gru and minions. And those nails šŸ‘Œ is there nothing better than snuggles and falling asleep on the couch. I love reading with my boys. Even if they are older they still snuggle right up for a book. Cheers to a great weekend!

  6. Your nails look so pretty! Glad you treated yourself.
    Glad you found a great spot to meet your friend.
    I hope your flu injection works and you are germ free for winter šŸ™‚

  7. Forgive me, I’m so tardy this week.
    All of your friends, especially your bestie sound like amazing, fun people to be around. I wish I had friends like that in the flesh, I hardly have any close girlfriends and it’s kind of a bummer.
    Your nap with Ollie sounds lovely despite it prob being hard to get him to sleep in the evening.

    Love your nail polish, I need to start doing things for myself like that for no reason at all. It’s nice to once in awhile, ya know?

    Have an awesome Thursday babes! xoxox
    Lindsay recently posted…A Sentence a Day ā€“ September EditionMy Profile

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