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It’s my favorite link up of the month today! Currently with Anne of In Residence and her co-host this month Dana of Something Good! It’s always fun to take stock of what’s going on with the prompts chosen each month! So, without further ado, here are some current happenings for October!

~Currently I Am~

Saving – For gifts. We have half of our family birthdays between October, November and December – plus Christmas comes right after all of that, so it’s time to stop buying for myself and saving up to buy for others. Not to mention, I have my own birthday coming in November so I should probably stop buying things so I can make a wish list!

Picking – Pumpkins! Well not quite yet, but soon. I don’t think we’ll go to the pumpkin patch until mid-October, but it’s a yearly tradition I’ve come to love with my boys and I’m super excited to go this year. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Styling – Fall looks! I am SO ready for layers and warm clothes. It seems to be cooling off here finally, so that’s been nice. I’m all over long sweaters and cardigans right now, I’m loving keeping my behind covered a bit more.

Searching – I know I said I’m not really buying for myself right now, but I am on the look out for a denim pencil skirt. And with my secondhand style challenge it needs to be thrifted. I found one at Savers but broke the first rule of thrifting – I didn’t try it on. I trusted it would work. It fits, but it has a kick pleat I’m not crazy about. So, it’s going to be heading to Style Encore to re-sell and I’ll keep looking for a better one.

Making – Muffins. I made some delicious Apple Spice muffins out of the Betty Crocker cookbook a couple of weeks ago and Nate mentioned he really enjoyed having them to take for breakfast in the mornings, so I am planning on making some more. Next on my list is Pumpkin Spice muffins. I’ve been really enjoying getting back into baking this Fall, it’s been my Sunday activity and it makes the house smell so good!

That’s the haps from over here! What’s currently happening in your world! Be sure to check out Anne and Dana’s blogs for other Currently posts or to add your own!

15 thoughts on “Currently in October”

  1. Sounds like this time of year is a busy one for you with lots of birthdays and then Christmas around the corner.
    Apple spice muffins sound delicious and make such a nice breakfast treat.

  2. Muffins are such a handy make-ahead breakfast – I like to do up a big batch and keep them in the freezer for mornings when we don’t have much time. Which feels like every morning, now that I have to drop Hendrik off at school every day…
    Anne recently posted…currentlyMy Profile

  3. I’m so ready for fall and wearing layers! It has been slightly cooler here in Pittsburgh recently but we have a high of 87 this coming Saturday! What?? I cannot layer cute flannel or sweaters in 87 degrees. Yuck!

    I can almost smell those muffins. I bought a few fall scented candles. I just might have to go light one to get through the rest of the work day!
    Courtney A. Casto recently posted…Acts of TendernessMy Profile

  4. I’m going to need fall weather to hurry up in Nashville also! We’re in the mid-upper 80s for the rest of the week. Argh!

    I always want to bake banana bread once it cools down. I’m a pumpkin spice fanatic, but there’s something about banana bread that says fall to me!

  5. We’re on the muffin train around here. Well, mini-muffins because C can’t finish a whole muffin, but half a dozen mini muffins seem totally doable (sigh. Threenagers). She’s been eating some apple cinnamon muffins and while I’d like the variety (hello! Pumpkin spice!), I don’t dare rock the boat.
    Cara recently posted…Currently: In OctoberMy Profile

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