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Tuesday Topics – Eight Books On My To Read List

We’re closing in on the end of the year. It’s true. When October hits, the calendar goes on fast forward. I’m doing well with my reading challenge, but I need to read about 7 more books to hit my goal for reading 24 books this year. So, today’s Tuesday Topics with Quirky Pickings is timely! Today we’re sharing eight books on our to read list. Many of mine are book club books, but here is are the books I’m hoping to read before the end of the year, including the book I’m reading right now.

(1) Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay – This was my book club book for last month – whoops! I wasn’t able to easily find a copy and ended up not able to make my book club gathering anyway, but I do really want to read this book because it is an interesting take on feminism and I’ve heard good things about it.

(2) The Opposite of Loneliness – I know very little about this book by Marina Keegan, but I know it is a series of essays written before she had an untimely death in 2012.

(3) Hi Anxiety, Life With a Bad Case of Nerves by Kat Kinsman – This is my book club book for November, but it was a deal on Amazon Prime for Kindle last month so I already downloaded it and started reading it already. Kat’s writing has sucked me in almost instantly. I put this one aside though for this month’s book which you’ll see at the end of the list.

(4) Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari – we finished Master of None and we’ve been a fan of his from Parks and Recreation days, so I’m definitely interested in checking out his memoir and thoughts on life.

(5) Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies by Michael Auseillo – I’ve been reading Michael Auseillo’s entertainment column from his TV Guide days to E Online and then his own TVLine site. I have always loved his spoiler alerts on TV series and how much he loves Gilmore Girls. I had no idea he was facing tough times offline with his husband fighting an aggressive cancer. He wrote a book about their story – how he met his husband Kit, through his diagnosis with cancer and then up to his unfortunate passing away. I know this one will be sad, the title pretty much gives it away, but I enjoy Michael and I really want to read this book.

(6) The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood – I’ve had this one on my list since early this year when they made the Hulu series out of it. Before I watch the series, I really need to read the book. Thankfully my awesome sister-in-law has a copy I can borrow!

(7) Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey – Again, this is a book I know little about, it’s our first book of 2018 for book club, but it sounds like a great fantasy read with a strong female lead, so I’m looking forward to that.

(8) This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel – This month’s book club read and the one I’m in the middle of right now and I won’t say much right now but man alive it is GOOD. I’m really enjoying this book so far and I can’t wait to share more thoughts when I finish it.

Eight books in three months seems a little daunting, but then I remembered one of the books on this list is for January’s book club, so really I’m looking at seven books in three months. That’s two books a month plus one. I can do that right? If I get off the couch and turn off the dang Netflix at night I can!

What’s on your reading list? If you’re on Goodreads, let me know, I’d love to have some more friends!

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13 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – Eight Books On My To Read List”

  1. Wow! So many great choices! I just watched the Handmaiden’s Tale on Hulu, and it was awesome. If the book is better, I need to read it right now. I also used to love reading Michael Auseillo’s column. I’m not sure why I stopped, but I always loved his humor, so I’m sure I would like to read this…even though I’m sure I would be crying the whole time too.
    Shann Eva recently posted…October 2017 Goals with a look back at SeptemberMy Profile

  2. Handmaid’s Tale – you know I’m on board for that one. Anything Atwood is good in my books. I’ve read Bad Feminist, and it didn’t wow me. Then again, I read it during the night while C was going through a sleep regression back when she was a wee babe, so definitely don’t take my word on it.
    Cara recently posted…C Reads (2)My Profile

  3. You can do it Beth!! I am so glad that you’re loving This Is How It Always Is. So far that’s my very favorite of the year, and I’ve read so many good books this year. I need to reread Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve read it a couple of times but it’s been a long time–I really like Margaret Atwood’s writing. I have Hunger by Roxanne Gay on my TBR so I’ll be really curious to hear about Bad Feminist. I need to find you on Goodreads! I can’t remember if we’re friends on there or not. Off to go look…
    Shea Sayers recently posted…Favorite Mom Style Item: the Dressy TeeMy Profile

  4. I’ve read two (The Handmaid’s Tale and This is how it always is) out of those 8 books, but I might have to put some of them on my ever-growing to-read list 🙂
    I’ve been avering 5-6 books every month this year (I don’t even know how!) and it’s been so fun do dive back into reading.
    San recently posted…Hello OctoberMy Profile

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