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What’s Up Weekend 9.15.17

Hey friends! Look at that, Friday returned to us! Isn’t it nice how that happens? Anyway, this week was a lot better than last week, we’re gettting a good routine down with school and all that jazz, so that feels good. And as usual, I’m here to share the things that I’m grateful for or made me happy with my ladies Charlotte and Lindsey.

(1) Good lab numbers. We do a wellness test at work two times a year where they test our blood and then we do a physical test and we can earn time off based on how healthy we are. You’ll be happy to know your girl is healthy as a horse and had wonderfully normal blood work!

(2) New hair! I’m changing my vision a bit for my hairstyle (are we really surprised? I change my hair the way some people change their shoes). I am thankful my stylist is willing to play and knows what she’s doing and I’m so excited for what’s to come!

(3) Apples from the visit to the apple orchard. I’ve been enjoying a delicious apple with dinner each day and it’s been so good!

(4) Speaking of things that are delicious, Nate made homemade spaghetti sauce from a bunch of the fresh tomatoes from our garden. Oh. Em. Gee. And it was even Ollie approved, so then you know you have a winner on your hands!

(5) Watching Ollie play games and have an absolute blast at our church carnival last Friday. He walked right up to each of those games and gave it his all. He loved getting prizes too but honestly I think he just loved playing the games the best. And he enjoyed some mini donuts too which also made him pretty darn happy!

(6) Finally getting my hands on the book “The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince” by Mayte Garcia. I placed a hold on it at the library months ago and I finally got to the top of the list. It is SO good so far. Review forthcoming.

(7) Changing colors. I know I know, some people aren’t crazy about the idea of Fall. And the weather outside is anything but Fall like. But the leaves around here are slowly starting to get colorful and it makes me giddy.

(8) This Unicorn from the dollar spot at Target. It’s not a clothing item so it does not count on my Secondhand Shopping only challenge. And I love it.

(9) Goodies from the garden and how excited Ollie gets to show them to me. He and Nate go out together every night to pick whatever is ready and then Ollie comes in the house and says “surprise mama!” It’s pretty cute.

(10) Supportive family and friends. I should share more about my gratiude for the amazing people in my life. I have the best peeps around and I hope they all know how much they mean to me!

Coming up this weekend, today I’m heading on a quick little getaway with my co-Unicorn mama to Duluth, coming back and celebrating another good friend’s birthday on Saturday and then heading to a jerk chicken festival on Sunday. It’s going to be a full weekend, but I’m looking forward to all of it!

Link up with Lindsey, Charlotte and I below or just check out and show some love to the folks that do. Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 9.15.17”

  1. Oooh, can’t wait to see your new hair! πŸ™‚ Also, that unicorn is the best, now I have to go to Target so I can find one. Hehe. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Omg that unicorn is so cute!!! Target’s dollar section has some amazing things,… I always get lost and end up with socks and kazoos, but really you can never have enough.

    Love apples!!! Best season ever and now I totally want to make a crumble πŸ™‚ I actually made one in the microwave once and it was seriously delicious and took all of five minutes to assemble. Mmm…

    Also produce from the garden is incredible! Glad you are enjoying the fruits of your labor πŸ™‚ happy weekend and have a great time in Duluth πŸ™‚
    Charlotte recently posted…What’s up, weekend 9/15My Profile

  3. Aww, I love the Target unicorn. I’ve definitely hit up the dollar spot a couple of times too, so I’m glad I’m just sticking with clothes for the secondhand challenge. (Although I did buy socks… but I can’t do secondhand socks, ha!) You’re making me wish we had a garden, but I have black thumbs πŸ™ I love how excited Ollie gets though, that’s adorable!
    Shea recently posted…In My Library Tote: Top 5 Books of SummerMy Profile

  4. You know what makes me happy? Your hair. Don’t you love how easy it is to change up your hair yet achieve so many different, funky looks? I used to model when I was younger, mainly doing trade shows and conventions for hair and what not and I went from hair down to my waist to a pixie cut (gradual) and oh man the colours I had, I just killed my hair, but man I loved it.

    Can’t wait to read your review of Mayte’s book. Been curious myself.

    I hope this week is a bit better for you. I think September is just a super busy month, I’m sill drowning but okay. πŸ™‚

    Lindsay recently posted…Life Lately – Newbarket Dog Festival & More Dog PhotosMy Profile

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