What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 9.8.17

Uffda. For a short week this was a long week! I’m not going to sugar coat things, it wasn’t my favorite week for a number of reasons. But it’s Friday, things are looking up and it’s going to be a nice relaxing weekend! While this week had it’s ups and downs, I’m here to look at the positives with my What’s Up Weekend link up with my girls Charlotte and Lindsey. Let’s celebrate the good, shall we?

(1) Selling items to Style Encore and well, turning around and spending my earnings. I sold almost $70 worth of clothes to them last Saturday and was able to buy some great new pieces for Fall – including two Lularoe items! I was pretty happy about it.

(2) Fun ideas for the blog, especially when it comes to social media. Exciting things are coming. Watch my Facebook page!

(3) My fun bracelet from KEEP Collective. I picked charms that I feel represent who I am – donut, coffee cup, unicorn, mom. I joked that all I need is a hashtag, a bleeped swear word and a beer mug and it would be absolute perfection. This works though, I wear it pretty much every day!

(4) Finding a lost movie. One of my all time favorite movies is the Darjeeling Limited. We own a copy but for months now I could not find it and thought I was losing my mind. Turns out we had borrowed it to my in-laws. I had no idea. We brought it home and watched it last weekend and it made me so happy!

(5) Haircut! I didn’t realize just how shaggy Ollie’s hair had become until we cut it last weekend in preparation for school. It looks so much better now!

(6) Open window sleeping weather. I am loving the cool nights right now and no air conditioning required!

(7) Barbeque with our buddies in their new home. We spent some time at Jen’s new house last weekend and Ollie played hide and seek and rock band with the girls. I see lots of good times to come in their wonderful new place.

(8) Ice cream social at Ollie’s school and a chance to meet some new parents. It was a beautiful night for a little ice cream and chit chat last night.

(9) Garden goodies. We enjoyed some of the green beans that came from our garden earlier this week and oh man, they are SO good. So so so good.

(10) Snuggles with my kiddo. He’s had a little bit of a tough time transitioning back to school and has kind of directed a little of his anger towards me. But we still have snuggle time every morning and today he told me I was pretty so that made me smile. Every day will get better.

And now we’re off into the weekend! We don’t have too many plans. We’re heading to our church carnival tonight but that’s about it. I may try to clean out my closet some more and I’m guessing there will be disc golf on our schedule somewhere as well.

To any and all who may be in the path of Hurricane Irma, please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Feel free to link up with the ladies and I below to share your happy from the week! Have a wonderful weekend!

15 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 9.8.17”

  1. The positives mean anything! Just think of the possibilities on that bracelet. I’m thinking pizza would go on mine. And a stormtrooper. And a golf disc.

    I too need a haircut, but won’t be quite as slick as your kid. I’ll settle for half as! Have a great weekend.

  2. I feel ya on this week. It was rotten right down to the core. I thought that I was over it until my son’s specialist called and now I’m off to an impromptu appointment in an hour. Mother EFFFFFF.
    I love charm bracelets! I agree on the sweary words one! So my jam!
    I totally wouldn’t make it out of a store with money – I’d spend it on finds too.
    Loving Ollie’s new do! And snuggles are the bestest. They make it all better. And ice cream.
    I hope this weekend and the following week turn up for you sweets xoxo
    Kimberly recently posted…I Was Made To StayMy Profile

    1. Girrrrrl what was with this week? I feel like I have no right to complain with Irma, earthquakes and fires all over the freaking Northern Hemisphere right now, but man. I hope everything’s all right with Mr. Chunky. So far with Ollie boy today is a little bit better. I think he’s getting the routine down again. Just in time for the weekend when it’s not the same. Fab. Ha! Thanks for the love. Have yourself a great weekend as well. XO
      Beth recently posted…What’s Up Weekend 9.8.17My Profile

  3. I’m glad the week is over. It was a rough one. Why is that always the way with the short weeks, eh? Love the new hair, Ollie! He looks great. I’m sorry to hear he’s having a tough time so far with school, but I’m sure he’ll get there. Routine is sometimes a good thing, but easing into one can be a challenge. All the hugs to you as you navigate the bumps!

    Also I love your new bracelet! And excited to hear about what you’re working on! I’ll keep an eye on your FB updates πŸ™‚ XOXO and happy weekend!!
    Charlotte recently posted…What’s up, weekend 9/8My Profile

  4. I hope Ollie settles into school soon. Glad you guys are still getting some snuggles in. His haircut looks great!

    So glad you found your movie, too! It’s always a little heartbreaking when the favorites go missing.

    I’ve been LOVING the cooler weather, too! I’ve been sleeping with my window open, too, and a fan to move air around the move. Love it!

  5. Sorry your week was a bit rough. Hope Ollie enjoys school more this week – a change to routines can be stressful.
    Charm bracelets are great – it is awesome to personalise it and add what you love.

  6. Hey momma,
    Last week was horridly long and this one, well I don’t have many good things to say about it thus far.
    I’m really in a mood today because sometimes my hubby thinks I was born yesterday and that I haven’t known him for 15 years. He doesn’t tolerate it when I get an attitude but if I call him out on it, he flips the table and suddenly everything is my fault. It’s such BS. So we’re playing silent treatment right now *rolls eyesssss*. Like, how old are we, here, really?!

    Your bracelet is really pretty and I feel perfectly represents you. I wonder what mine would look like. haha! I’m also loving the fresh, cool nights and early mornings for sleeping. It’s so nice and I get such a good sleep.

    I hope this week is a bit better for Ollie. You’ve got the right attitude, one day at a time and it’ll get better and easier on him as each day passes.

    Have a great week babes! XOXOX
    Lindsay recently posted…Three Reasons My Dog is the Queen of the House {Guest Post}My Profile

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