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Well look at that. It’s the first Wednesday of the month and it’s time for the Currently link up with Anne of In Residence and her guest host Lowanda from Sunshine and Elephants. I must say September is looking to be a busy month, but I’m welcoming it with open arms. Here’s what’s Currently happening right now!

~Currently I Am~

Celebrating – Two years at my current job! My official anniversary is Sept 28, but I got my official anniversary sign at the beginning of this month. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. I talked to an old co-worker last week from my old job and it sounds like I got out at a good time. We’ll leave it at that!

Preparing – My calendar. Lots going on this month from school stuff with Ollie to choir starting back up at church to fun plans including a getaway to Duluth, my final 5k of the year and a yoga event. Thankfully it is all fun stuff!

Photographing – Back to school pictures! Ollie started back at his Montessori school yesterday for his 2nd year. He’ll go one more year after this before starting kindergarten. It’s been a great place so far and we’re looking forward to another good year there.

Watching – We’re trying to finish binge watching Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix because after this month it’s going away. Darn Netflix getting rid of stuff! Side note, Frankie Muniz is going to be on Dancing with the Stars this season so I just might have to watch that too.

Welcoming – Fall! It is my absolute favorite season and while I was clinging to summer for a little bit, I’m throwing open the doors and welcoming Fall into my life. Bring on the apples, pumpkins, bonfires and sweaters. Let’s do this.

We’re off and running into the month! Tomorrow I’ll share a Fall bucket list because I have decided we’re going to make the most of my very favorite season this year!

For more Currently posts or to add your own visit Anne or Lowanda’s blogs. Also, please go check out my friend Eli’s postย at Coach Daddy today. I’m part of his six word challenge again – who would you go back in time to hug? I’ll give you a hint as to who I would hug – he’s responsible for a green frog that is near to my heart.

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  1. We’re excited about the Montessori thing too! Still haven’t decided if Hendrik will do it one or two years before starting kindergarten, but luckily if we really love the program for him, there are two options in our city of elementary schools that do a Montessori approach through 5th grade. Happy start of the school year, and congrats on the job-iversary too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congrats on 2 years at your job, and it sounds like it was a good move for you in many ways. Yay for back to school too! I bet he was excited to go back and see all his friends. I really wish I would have taken a picture of Jona for back to school, even though he goes year-round. I may just have to rig something up ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shea Sayers recently posted…Currently: SeptemberMy Profile

  3. Congrats on your two year anniversary at your job. I hope Ollie has a great school year. I am so excited for Fall and Halloween. We had some cooler weather today and it was wonderful. Have a great week.
    Emily recently posted…Currently ListMy Profile

  4. Congratulations on your job-versary, I hope it makes you happy! Loving the autumn colours, we don’t get much of those in Australia. (Visiting from Eli’s 6-words post).

  5. WAIT A SECOND… Ollie and C will be in the same grade? Kindergarten in 2019? (That would make them class of… what… 2032? Oh my goodness that year just looks so far into the future)

    Fall bucket list sounds like a plan. Not only is fall a great time to convince Scott to do stuff (he hates the heat), but it’s also the last (almost) full season I’m home with the girls (ever… sob sob sob), and the slow march to the terror that is winter. Can mine just be “crunching through the leaves” a hundred times over?
    Cara recently posted…Currently: In SeptemberMy Profile

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