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You’re a Wizard Ollie…and other Weekend Adventures

Happy Monday! Back to the grind today after another great summer weekend. I hate to keep bragging about our weekends, but they really have been on fire lately, so I have to gush again today.

Friday night was pretty chill. We were going to make chili dogs at home, but Nate and I both had a hankering for a greasy hamburger, so we hit the dive bar in town we love. They weren’t too busy and we enjoyed a nice meal. After Ollie went to bed we watched a movie that was really good but ended up darker than we expected called Paper Man.  It’s really good but the ending made me cry, so we watched a quick episode of Malcolm in the Middle to cheer up!

Saturday we went out disc golfing first thing in the morning as we usually do. Then we set out for our usual taproom lunch but this week we found something special. One of the breweries near us was doing a Harry Potter birthday party event, so we went and met up with Jen and her family as well. They had great activities for kids, they could color and make their own Harry Potter glasses, they had little ceramic figures to paint and they were giving out magic wands. It was super fun to people watch as well, there were definitely people going all out with costumes! Even if he didn’t understand it, we had fun introducing Ollie to the magic of Harry Potter and hanging out there for a bit with some of our favorite people.

Later in the day on Saturday we went to a different taproom for a friend’s birthday party. It was fun catching up with our friend and other friends we haven’t seen in awhile. We finally got to meet her two month old baby and I enjoyed some snuggles with him. The weather was beautiful and it was just great to be outside. After that we headed home and made the chili dogs that we didn’t make on Friday and watched a much more light hearted movie before bed.

Sunday we kind of laid low as Ollie has been gifted with a lovely summer cold. We made pancakes, we went to Menards and bought the supplies to do our deck project and Nate made jerk chicken and we had his family come over and enjoy it with us. I found one of my favorite shows from childhood on YouTube – Sharon, Lois and Bram’s Elephant Show – and I had fun watching that with Ollie while Nate was cooking.

Overall it was a great weekend, we kind of took things as they came and most of the plans kind of fell in our lap, but sometimes those are the best kind of weekends! How was your weekend?

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  1. Big weekend! The glasses on the kids are so cute! I never thought to look on YouTube for Sharon, Lois & Bram! C listened to the albums I had as a kid at my parents when I was working and so I had to go on iTunes to get them when I started mat leave.
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  2. Ohh that Harry Potter party looks fun! I live in Ithaca, NY and we made like national news 2 years ago for putting on a Harry Potter event on Halloween and because of all of the press it got, they decided to make it an ongoing event each year. Last year was better, and this year is supposed to be even better than last!

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