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Tuesday Topics – Eight Characters I Loathe

It’s Tuesday, so I’m linking up for Tuesday Topics with Quirky Pickings. This week’s topic is Eight Characters I Loathe. Where do I begin?? Ha! Also I guess spoiler alerts if you haven’t seen the shows/movies/books I talk about.

(1) Gail the Snail on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Let’s be honest, all the people on the show are pretty terrible, that’s kind of the idea. But Gail is just gross and I’m kind of glad she’s only in a couple of episodes.

(2) Emily on Friends. She just makes me cringe. I honestly didn’t feel that bad for her when Ross said Rachel’s name at their wedding.

(3) Diane on Cheers. I am not a huge fan of Shelley Long in general, but the Diane episodes were not my favorite, I was much more of a Rebecca fan.

(4) Dr. Romano on ER. There really wasn’t any redeeming quality about him. And he was even more cynical and terrible after his arm was chopped off, although I guess you couldn’t blame the guy. I may have actually laughed when he was killed by the helicopter.

(5) Councilman Jamm on Parks and Recreation. He’s a great foe for Leslie I guess, but I just can’t stand him.

(6) President Snow in the Hunger Games. We’re supposed to hate Snow, he’s written to be hated. Suzanne Collins did a great job writing a character filled with such evil. And Donald Sutherland does an amazing job in the movies.

(7) Tristan on Gilmore Girls. If you look up the word slime in the dictionary I’m pretty sure his name would be there.

(8) Caitlin in Summer Sisters. The only one I don’t have an image for as there really isn’t one. And I read this book just about every year and each time I read it I see more and more how self centered and terrible Caitlin is. But for whatever reason Vix loves her and for some reason I still love the book.

I’m sure if I sat here for awhile I could think of plenty more, but those were the ones that came to mind first. What is a character that you despise? Also, if an actor or actress plays a character you loathe, can you separate the character from the actor? In some cases I think it’s hard to do that!

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11 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – Eight Characters I Loathe”

  1. This is a really fun idea for a blog post!! The only two I actually know already are Emily and President Snow!! He truly is evil and she was very annoying a.d basically NOT RACHEL!!

  2. I didn’t like Emily, but I didn’t hate her. Everyone knew Rachel was Ross’ lobster- she was just unnecessary. And Tristan was terrible, but I think Snow takes the cake on this one! LOATHE! I hated him when I read the books too, and I know he was supposed to be the villain, but still. That rose scene in particular really got to me!

  3. Yes!!! These are all so good. I mentioned Emily from Friends in mine, but she didn’t take a top 8 spot. I did have one from Gilmore Girls, but not Tristan. That’s a great choice. I still need to read Summer Sisters. It’s been on my list for probably a decade.

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