What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 7.14.2017

You guys. It’s been a long week. I will not make light of this when I say this, but all single parents out there get my utmost respect and mad props. It’s exhausting being the only one. I’m beyond thankful Nate comes home tonight. Anyway, it wasn’t all bad and I’m not going to dwell, I’ll instead do my weekly post of happiness and gratitude in What’s Up Weekend with the Peaceful Posse. Here’s what made me happy this week!

(1) Watching Portlandia from the beginning. I figured it was appropriate since Nate’s work trip was in Portland!

(2) Celebrating French Fry day with my favorite French Fry afficionado. Cause yes, there is a holiday for everything.

(3) Getting out of the office for a couple of hours yesterday for our annual employee picnic at work.

(4) Impromptu Target runs that result in a cute new shirt.

(5) Ollie is loving his new bed.

(6) I love cuddling with sleepy Ollie in his new bed.

(7) Facetiming with Nate so we can keep up with him while he is away. Ollie gets pretty goofy but he loves being able to see Daddy on the phone.

(8) Sitting outside with my boys last weekend at a taproom on a sunny day, playing Oregon Trail and relaxing.

(9) Parents who take you and your son out to dinner so you don’t have to cook. And the tasty simplicity of a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon.

(10) Nate comes home late tonight!!!

Looking ahead to the weekend we’ll be catching up with Nate and getting some good family time in. I have my Lularoe pop up with my peeps tonight. I was invited to a clothing swap Sunday afternoon so I’ll be popping in there for a bit as well. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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11 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 7.14.2017”

  1. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult parenting solo can be…but I’m glad your hubby comes home soon and that you can enjoy some family time together this weekend. And your pictures are always so cute. Side note: where did you get your head wrap from? I live in those hair scarves in the summer b/c my hair is thick and curly and doesn’t hold up well in the humidity ๐Ÿ˜‰

    XOXO and hope you have a great weekend! PS: Love that you celebrated French fry day!
    Charlotte recently posted…Whatโ€™s up, weekend 7/14My Profile

  2. Does Ollie get any cuter.
    I’d still steal his fries though.
    Totally would.
    Yay on Nate coming home! It’s exhausting solo parenting. Shawn works 10+ hours a day sometimes and it burns me out. He even does Saturdays. Even though Chunky is 8, he has severe OCD so it’s a lot of work some days. I’m exhausted by 8! No lie.
    You two take the best selfies in all of the land. Ever.
    Kimberly recently posted…Love Anchors Me HereMy Profile

    1. You are so sweet. He is pretty cute, which makes the tough days a little easier. And I can imagine how exhausting that has to be with a husband that works so long! We have some days like that but they aren’t terribly frequent.
      Beth recently posted…Recapping the WeekendMy Profile

  3. Ollie is so freakin’ cute!! I was a single parent while married to my ex and then up until I moved in with Jason. It’s tough.
    This is a good weekend to stay in as I heard it’s going to be a scorcher(unless you like that) I hate the heat!
    Awesome that Ollie loves his new bed and I still love cuddling Jake. That will never get old.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend ahead, Beth! French Fry day? Why did I not know about this? I recall my ex-hubs used to travel a ton when the kids were small. I used to find it quite taxing. I had no family close by and often felt lonely. One of his friends used to always say “why don’t you like it when he’s gone? It’s less work…I used to love it when my husband was away” That used to annoy me. Like there was something wrong with me for feeling the way I did. Kudos to single parents everywhere. Nice to get your husband back for some quality family time, Beth. Enjoy!
    lisa thomson recently posted…Losing Your Religion During DivorceMy Profile

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