Humpday Confessions 7.12.17

It’s Wednesday and as of today I’m a single parent for a couple of days while Nate is traveling. And so, I thought it would be a good reason to do a Humpday Confessions post. So here we go, like Usher sang, these are my confessions.

-I sat in cat urine yesterday morning when I didn’t realize one of my jerk cats had peed on the couch. Instead of changing my clothes, I Febrezed and perfumed the heck out of my skirt and wore my outfit anyway because it was cute, damn it! I was never so happy to get home and change though!

-Speaking of fashion, I totally booked a Lularoe popup to have at my house while Nate is gone. While the husband is away, the wife will play!

-I told Ollie that the bank was out of suckers the other day when in truth I simply forgot to ask the drive thru teller if he could have one.

-Ollie’s had enough Happy Meals so far in July to have four of the Despicable Me toys already. And two of them are duplicates.

-I plan to not cook at all while Nate is gone and have instead made plans for each evening that will keep us fed, but won’t make me have to cook.

-I kind of forced Ollie into a nap on Sunday simply because I wanted a nap after doing the Color Run in the morning. I knew if I laid with him he would sleep. And he did. And so did I. Win!

-I put a number of things in my Amazon cart yesterday for Prime Day but kept getting distracted or called away and by the time I got back the deal was gone. It’s probably for the best, but man I wish I’d snagged the makeup brushes I wanted!

That’s what I got right now! Again I know, I’m so scandalous. You all are calling the police right now to haul me away to jail right? Maybe I should be hauled away to the Funny Farm instead! Got anything you want to confess? Hit me up in the comments. we’re all friends here!


11 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions 7.12.17”

  1. I may have done that a few times with C to sneak a nap myself. There’s no shame in it. I bet he’s one of the reasons you needed a nap anyway!

    My confessions? Part of me was relieved when I found out M had allergies because I use it as an excuse to bring our own food to my inlaws because they eat a lot of processed food which always makes us feel like garbage. Of course, it bit me in the butt a bit this time, because instead of it being typical allergies, it’s FPIES (where the allergy occurs through the digestive process, leading to digestive issues instead of respiratory or dermatological).

    Oh, and I’m reading blogs and pretending I’m actually making packing lists for camping on Friday. Shhh… don’t tell Scott.
    Cara recently posted…Mom-iformMy Profile

  2. You are seriously the best – all these scandalous adventures while he’s away. See, we would make awesome neighbours. I’d just crawl a la ninja style….or not…I’d probably just walk because my back is an assh*le….but I thought I’d say ninja because it sounded more scandalous…
    Anyways, I’d partake in these cooking strikes and whatnot. I’d cheer it on. All of it.
    Kimberly recently posted…I Pick PurpleMy Profile

    1. I’d love that, we could sit out on my deck and drink wine and and eat junk food. And just hide the evidence when he got back! 😉

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