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Weekend Fun

I haven’t done a “weekend recap” post in awhile and maybe it seems like an easy post and maybe it even seems boring to you, but when you have a lovely weekend, sometimes you want to share about it. And it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to, ha!

So let’s rewind. Friday night was a little windy and chilly and even sprinkled a bit, but we bundled up in spite of a somewhat cranky three year old’s protesting against it and headed down to our City’s parade. I’m glad we went, we ended up having a ton of fun. Ollie loved all the vehicles and the fact that every float was throwing candy (especially his favorite Dum Dum suckers). His school had a float and he got a hug from one of his favorite aides too, so overall it was a pretty successful evening. The entire parade was about and hour and a half, so just about the time we were feeling like we’d had our fill, it was over. We headed home and Ollie went to bed and Nate and I watched The Hangover and ate some takeout Mexican food.

Saturday was still a bit cool, but sunny. My parents arrived nice and early to pick up Ollie for the Back to the 50’s car show. Since we didn’t know how long he’d last there, Nate and I opted to stay close to home in case they came back early. We went to a close disc golf course and played a round just the two of us. It was kind of nice to play without the munchkin in tow, but I did miss him being there just a little bit! Thankfully he had a really fun time with his grandma and grandpa and he came home just in time for lunch and a nap. He was a little grumpy when he woke up from said nap, but we decided to get out of the house and tried a new to us brewery not far away, 56 Brewing. Nate and I split a flight, Ollie enjoyed some water and Ritz crackers and we all played a game called Pass the Pigs. Then we went home and made hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner at Ollie’s request.

Sunday we decided we should hit up the Farmer’s Market for the first time this year. Again, it was cool and damp, but we didn’t let it stop us. We got quite a haul of stuff, fresh eggs and meat from one of our favorite local farms, garlic and garlic scapes, lettuce, kale and potatoes. I think we’ll be eating quite well this week and not missing our CSA too much! We had breakfast at home and then had some quiet time in the afternoon before heading over to Callie’s birthday party. We had a fun time playing outside at her party with a bean bag toss and ladder ball and visiting with everyone who had gathered. And of course we forced the kids into a couple of pictures because we need more for the wedding slideshow, wink wink.

It was a full weekend and yet very satisfying. We still had plenty of downtime with all that was going on. Next weekend I get a nice long one thanks to the July 4th holiday, so I’m looking forward to that! And maybe the weather will be warmer, but if it isn’t, we’ve decided we won’t let that keep us down. It’s summer darn it! We’ll play no matter what!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Fun”

  1. I love reading weekend recap posts 🙂 I don’t think there’s anything boring about it and it’s nice to see what bloggers are up to on the weekends! Awww, sounds like a really fun summer weekend 🙂 Mexican takeout = my favorite, and I’m a sucker for a Root Beer Dum Dum 🙂

    Charlotte recently posted…Dating—a look through the yearsMy Profile

  2. I don’t regularly do a weekend recap, because sometimes our weekends are nice, but boring (for my blog readers, anyway!)…. but sometimes, we have to share and it sounds like you had a really nice weekend!
    San recently posted…(Still) Hangin’ ToughMy Profile

  3. What a nice weekend… IT WAS chilly, wasn’t it?! I actually liked it. We wanted to go to the back to the 50’s but it’s so far for us. I miss being so close to everything. I hope you have a great week.. xxoo

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