Hump Day Confessions

I swear there used to be some blog link up for Hump Day Confessions, but a Google search turned up nothing newer than 2016. If anyone knows if this is still in existence, point me that direction! Because guess what? I’m baring all today. I love coming here and showing you all the good and wonderful things in my life, but every now and then I think it’s good to let you know I am human and I am far from perfect. So, I’m doing it up Usher style today. These are my confessions.

~My three year old will still not poop on a potty. And he sometimes (most of the time) throws a fit when we ask him to go pee. He will pee on the potty though, but at least once a day needs his Pullup for the other stuff. So I am for all intents and purposes still changing a diaper and wiping a butt and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

~I dropped my phone two weeks ago and the front screen now has a giant ass crack down the front and a spider web looking pattern of tiny cracks in the top corner. Nate should be able to fix it, but we’ve been a little lazy on getting the necessary items to do so.

~It is rare that I do not have at least three baskets full of CLEAN laundry that just needs to be put away. I have also been guilty of running a load through at least twice lately because I forget that it was in the washer in the first place.

~We totally spaced on ordering our case of cat food when we ran out the other day and didn’t quite make it to the pet store to get some in the meantime, so the cats ate tuna for dinner for two nights.

~Every week I set a goal of trying to get up three days a week a little early to work out on my elliptical. My grand total of days I’ve worked out so far? Two. I started this goal in March. Yep.

~Some days when I get home from work my brain is so fried from the day that I pretty much let Ollie zone out to videos on YouTube. Some of his favorites lately are kind of ridiculous videos of people playing with toys. But one of them does use the videos to teach colors, so kind of educational? Mom of the year!

~This very blog post was born because I need to get a review post up of something I received, but I haven’t taken the pictures of said item, so instead I decided to confess my sins.

~I’m on my third round of renewing our library books because I haven’t made it over to return them quite yet. Once the weather got nice it got harder to get motivated to take Ollie to the library for books.

Phew. Ok. I feel better now. Anyone else want to join me in the confessional? If I don’t find that link up, maybe I’ll start one! (Confession – I’ll be too lazy to do it most likely.)

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  1. WOAH, momma. I swear, I feel like we’re in sync often. Also I don’t know of a hump day linkup, but maybe that’s the next PP project 🙂

    I totally renew my library books all the time because I’m too lazy (or too slow a reader) to get there in time, whoops! Also, I really need to pick up the working out game, too–I have been HORRIBLE at keeping this goal lately myself.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week, my sweet!
    Charlotte recently posted…Blog confessionsMy Profile

    1. Oh my gosh, you are right! We are on a similar groove for sure! We should start a PP linkup, ha!!

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is slow with my library books. I used to be a faster reader, but not anymore. Might have something to do with reading before bed, sometimes I’m so tired I re-read pages, ha!
      Beth recently posted…Hump Day ConfessionsMy Profile

  2. YEP to those laundry problems! Always having to re-run a load and ALWAYS have stuff waiting to be put away. Laundry is my least favorite chore. HATE IT!

    Same thing after a long day of work here. Sometimes it’s too easy to let Caleb just watch Nick Jr. or something. No shame! Us working mamas do the best we can.

    I’m all about those library renewals… I’m sort of a slow reader.

    1. Laundry is my least favorite as well! I’m not much for dishes either, but we kind of need those more frequently so they just get done faster!

      And truer words never spoken about working moms! We absolutely do the best you are right!

      Slower readers unite!
      Beth recently posted…Keepsake ReviewMy Profile

  3. Thanks for baring it all 🙂 I love the idea of a Humpday confession link up….

    I am so sorry about your cracked phone screen. I have – as long as I had a cell phone – never cracked a screen (knock on wood!) although I have dropped my phone numerous times.
    San recently posted…May FavoritesMy Profile

  4. If there’s no Hump Day Confessions link up, you should definitely start it. Let’s see, my confessions this week? Lying to my daughter that my phone doesn’t have the Mahna Mahna on it, just her daddy’s does. Telling her we don’t have any ice cream, and then pulling it out of the freezer when she goes to bed. Other assorted lies to her in order to maintain my sanity in the day (though I did straight up tell her today that naps weren’t for the benefit of kids. Naps were for the benefit of moms).

    And don’t stress about the poop situation. Everything I’ve read says the further into the age of three that they figure it all out, the fewer toilet-related issues they will have in their lifetime. Plus, there is nothing more frustrating than a kid who goes to bed, then says she has to poop, and legitimately does poop, but takes 1/2 hour to do so, meanwhile the ice cream you told her you don’t have is melting on the coffee table.
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  5. Maybe it was me?! I did a Confessions of a BloggerHolic series on Wednesdays. I’d totally be down to bring it back with you! 🙂

  6. My son was still happily pooping in his pants until he was well over his fourth birthday. Boys can be like that. But, one day he decided he wouldn’t do it anymore and that was that. No pull ups again, even at night.

  7. I’ve so been there with the multiple library renewals–sometimes there’s just not time to take them back! And in the last year or so Jona has watched more TV/videos than ever before… glad I’m not the only one. I try to limit it, but sometimes, mama’s tired!!
    Shea recently posted…Goals for June and May Goal RecapMy Profile

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