What's Up Weekend

What’s Up Weekend 5.19.17

It’s time once again to join my friends in the Peaceful Posse for a look back on the week and a look at the weekend ahead in What’s Up Weekend!

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been the greatest week ever. It rained almost every day, I’ve been fighting a head cold and a head strong three year old and then there was the news from my college. But I am an eternal optimist and there were some moments of sunshine in my week.

(1) Adorable artwork from Ollie. The kids made these at school, I’m assuming for Mother’s Day and he brought this home for me. I hung it up in my cube at work because it makes me smile.

(2) We’ve made it to the point in the series of the Office where Jim and Pam are finally a couple. I know it’s sappy, but I can’t help but love a good love story and the two of them are insanely cute.

(3) Free goodies in the mail. I tweeted something a couple of weeks ago about mama needing a break and Duncan Hines reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their Perfect Size for One cake. I assumed I’d get one little thing in the mail. They sent a giant box! A review will be forthcoming.

(4) Sleepy snuggles from my favorite little boy. Even if he’s been a challenge at times this week, our early morning cuddle sessions before I take him to my parents house have remained and they are one of my favorite parts of the day.

(5) Some retail therapy. I know it’s bad and I’m on a budget, but I stopped at Target on the way home one day this week and found a bag I had to have on clearance. I am assuming it was one purchased online and returned because it had an “As Is” sticker on it and a friend who worked at Target confirmed it probably was an online purchase returned. At any rate I got a great deal and it’s very cute. I’ve wanted a simple hobo style bag and now I have one. And Ollie said he liked it. So you know, if a three year old gives his stamp of approval, you pretty much need it.

(6) A night out with some of my favorite ladies last night. Sometimes you just need a little break with friends. And I was greeted by the sweetest face in the window with the biggest smile when I got home and my kiddo smooshed me in the biggest hug when I walked in the door. I think sometimes a break is good for both mom AND child. He got some much needed daddy time as well. Everyone wins.

(7) My hair. I’m just loving the color so much, I really think I’m winning at styling it this time and not to brag (ok, maybe I am bragging a little) but I’m getting so many compliments!

(8) The 893 Essential Artists countdown on the Current. My local radio station asked people to vote on their top ten most essential artists of all time and then they’re playing them based on votes. They are into the 700s right now, this will take awhile, but the variety has been super interesting so far. I’m very anxious for when they get to the final top ten. What are my top ten most essential artists? Here they are, not necessarily in order: The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Led Zepplin, The Decemberists, Neko Case, and Brandi Carlile. Yes, some old and some new. Boom.

(9) Homemade fajitas for dinner. Nate makes the best fajitas at home (complete with margarita!) and it was just what my feed a cold body wanted the other night. So much yum!

(10) Ollie’s outgrown his milk allergy. This is HUGE you guys. If you’ve been with my blog for awhile, you may remember after his first birthday when we originally tried to transition him from breast milk to cow’s milk we learned he had a milk protein allergy (not lactose intolerance, instead of throwing up he would get a rash and wheeze). Our pediatrician (aka Dr. Uncle) said he would likely outgrow it by the time he was around three. We’d been slowly trying out cow’s milk mixed with his almond milk here and there and he had no problem. He’s been eating cheese with no problem. So while we were in Branson and ended up at McDonald’s a couple of times and he asked for milk so we just gave him the regular milk that came with the Happy Meal and he drank it. And was fine. And wanted more. So we just stopped almond milk all together. Do you know how awesome it is to not have to buy separate milk for him anymore??? Happy dance indeed!

And there we go. Some definitely bright spots in a crappy week. Apparently I’m a little bit long winded today! Not sure what is all on the docket for the weekend, I sing at church Sunday morning and our dear friends have their annual benefit for the March of Dimes this weekend as well, beyond that we might just take it as it comes! Hope you all have a great weekend too!

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12 thoughts on “What’s Up Weekend 5.19.17”

  1. Oh wow!! That’s fantastic that he outgrew his milk allergy…I can relate- my son is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. I know you’re probably feeling so much relief! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Julie recently posted…Motherhood & GratitudeMy Profile

  2. This weather can suck it, right?! UGH. I am ready for some sun. I love getting art work from Jake. Ollie is a little artist. Love!
    Oh your hair! I am dying! I love it!
    That purse is so cute! I am super sorry I have neglected you my blogger buddy. I sure do hope you feel better. xxoo

  3. Ollie! That’s so exciting! Bring on the ice cream, mama, this is worth celebrating.

    Fleetwood Mac, eh? Maybe I’m underappreciating them.

    This mama needs another night out soon, if for nothing other than the welcome back kisses.
    Cara recently posted…Five Things FridayMy Profile

  4. Yay, I’m glad you had some highlights during an otherwise crappy week. I do love your hair–that color is so fun, and so pretty on you! And also, I can’t wait to hear about those individual cakes from Duncan Hines…YUM!! That would make my week better for sure, ha! This was a hectic week for me. I work from home with both kids Thursdays and Fridays, and my husband had an evening commitment both nights, which made for REALLY long days. Luckily he got back around 6:30 tonight so I only had to put one child to bed…hooray! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shea recently posted…Violet Lennon at 7 MonthsMy Profile

  5. Hey Momma,
    You really do rock that hair color and style. Do you wash it less as the color bleeds a lot when you wash it or is it not that bad at all?

    I’m familiar with food allergies myself so I know how much of a victory it is for Ollie to have outgrown his milk allergy. That’s huge!! Congrats, I hope it stays that way.

    Love Oliie’s artwork. I’d hang that with pride at my work, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week hun!! Xo

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