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Thrifty Tuesday – ThredUp

Welcome to Thrifty Tuesday, where I offer unsolicited advice on living life on a budget! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the ways I save and even make a little extra money – using

I’m not being paid to share my opinion or anything, just sharing because I love. And let me tell you, I love selling my clothes through ThredUp. They make it SO easy. You order a kit. They send you the kit. You fill it up and send it back. Boom.

So there are a few other things to keep in mind – one, they only want pretty well known brands. Two – they love shoes and designer bags. Three – They take kids clothes that are in good shape and are also fairly popular brands (think Gymboree and Old Navy, no Carters sadly). They will take a small amount off of what they pay you to pay for the shipping of the clean out kit. And you will have to wait quite awhile for items to be processed and then you’ll have to wait awhile to get your earnings. Designer bags are usually put on consignment for a set period of time and you will not earn anything until the item sells. Even with all of that though I feel it’s worth it.

I know plenty of people prefer selling things on Poshmark because you can set your own price and things like that. But I prefer ThredUp because I’m lazy. They make it easy and do pretty much all the work for me. They donate the items they don’t want to sell (unless you request for the item to be sent back to you). And in full disclosure, I do most often just turn around and use my earnings on something to buy off of ThredUp because you can spend it right away instead of waiting for it to be cleared through your PayPal account.

I do use a couple of local consignment shops to sell my stuff too on occasion, but I have had the most success with ThredUp. I have another clean out bag just waiting to be sent in as we speak! There is no limit to how much you can send them.

So that’s just another way I save a little money and even earn some money. I’ll share more about some shopping tips on ThredUp in a future Thrifty Tuesday post!

10 thoughts on “Thrifty Tuesday – ThredUp”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve introduced me to ThredUP! I love them!!! It’s a great way to sell your stuff and I always use the option to donate my items that they didn’t buy. I have 2 bags at home…I should really fill them up and send them in.

  2. Haha I use ThredUp because I’m lazy too! I love that they send you a bag, you fill it up, wait a bit, and boom! Clutter gone, and a few extra bucks in my pocket. I usually have whatever they don’t want sent back to me and head straight to Plato’s Closet (the only consignment shop in my area, sadly). And then what they don’t want gets donated. I like Poshmark because I can usually earn more that way, but it’s so time consuming! And I really don’t like that I have to do it all on my phone! (Also, you could add your link in here- you earn $ for referrals on ThredUp!)
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  3. That’s a great way to earn some money back from clothing you’re not wearing. Don’t get me started on hand bags (too many). I’ve never heard of Thredup so thanks for sharing this, Beth. I’ll look into it. I also periodically take items to a consignment store and more so our local thrift store. Cool idea here, though.
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  4. I love ThredUp too. It’s funny that you said that about Poshmark, because at one point I even signed up for an account and was going to try to sell stuff on there. But then I realized that I just don’t have time for that so I ordered a kit from ThredUp–they really do make it so easy!! I just sent them some stuff and I can’t wait to see if I made much from it–mama wants to shop 🙂
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  5. I love ThredUp too because I’ll admit, sometimes I’m lazy. I think I’m going to try taking some of my stuff to a kid’s resale store and see if I can get a bit more, but ThredUp is great. Plus, some of my favorite clothing items came from them. I just wish the bags were bigger. I always have way too much stuff.
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  6. Thread up sounds good! I have all of My sons that he’s grown out of as I never get round to sorting them out, this kind of service sounds perfect for me 🙂
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor
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