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There’s a game going around on Facebook right now where people are listing ten concerts they’ve seen, but one is a lie and then people are supposed to guess the lie. Reminds me of the icebreaker game Two Truths and a Lie actually. And while that sounds like a fun challenge, I am actually sharing another challenge I did but never posted online anywhere. I saw it on Twitter a few weeks ago – choose a favorite movie from each year of your life. Therefore, a movie released each year starting from the year of your birth to present time. I’m 35 years old – so that meant finding 35 movies. It took me a couple of days to make my list and I used the help of Wikipedia to find movies for some years, but I managed to make a list. So I’m sharing that today because why not? The concert challenge got me thinking about this one and since it’s thinking out loud Thursday and this is what I’m thinking about, well, this is what I’m sharing!

Beth’s Favorite Movies Released from 1981 to 2016

1981 – Stripes

1982 – ET

1983 – The Man with Two Brains

1984 – The Muppets Take Manhattan

1985 – The Breakfast Club

1986 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

1987 – Dirty Dancing

1988 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

1989 – The Little Mermaid

1990 – Home Alone

1991 – Father of the Bride

1992 – Sister Act

1993 – Untamed Heart (filmed in MN by the way and one scene is not far from my parent’s house)

1994 – Forrest Gump

1995 – Toy Story

1996 – Mr. Holland’s Opus

1997 – Waiting for Guffman

1998 – The Wedding Singer

1999 – American Pie

2000 – O Brother, Where Art Thou

2001 – Monsters, Inc

2002 – My Big Fat Greek Wedding/Punch Drunk Love (yes I know I’m cheating by choosing two but these are literally my top two favorite movies. I couldn’t pick just one for that year!)

2003 – Finding Nemo

2004 – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2005 – The 40 Year Old Virgin

2006 – Little Miss Sunshine

2007 – The Darjeeling Limited

2008 – Zach and Miri Make a Porno

2009 – Crazy Heart

2010 – Date Night

2011 – The Muppets

2012 – Moonrise Kingdom

2013 – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (I prefer the first one best honestly, but didn’t like any other movies from 2013 so this had to do)

2014 – The Grand Budapest Hotel

2015 – Inside Out

2016 – Bad Moms

I haven’t seen a movie released in 2017 yet to say what this year’s choice would be, but otherwise, there you go. Quite a list right? I have to say it was actually easier picking movies from years ago than it was for the last several. I think it’s shows that sometimes the classics are better than newer releases. At any rate it was kind of fun going through and choosing these! I think it’s more fun than then concert game, but then again that might just be me! Does anything on my list surprise you? Do we have any favorites in common? Feel free to share!

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14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Movies”

  1. How fun! I’ll have to look into doing this, too. All of those animated movies are so great, right? Monster, Inc. is also a fave of mine, though I haven’t seen it in forever.

  2. Hi Beth! For 2017, I highly recommend seeing Beauty and the Beast! It is a wonderful movie! I love your current list and we have several in common – The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Home Alone, Father of the Bride, Sister Act. Just to name a few! <3

  3. Definitely a great list here! I’m not usually a movie person, but I’ve seen quite a few on this list! Probably because they are excellent choices! šŸ™‚

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