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That Easter Day was Bright

I’m really beginning to appreciate low key holidays. The only exception is Christmas I suppose, I do still like going all out for Christmas. But we’ve kind of scaled back our other holiday celebrations and it’s really been nice. Easter yesterday was no different. We still had a nice day, but a pretty chill one.

Before I went to church we had Ollie find his Easter basket. He was so excited that the Easter Bunny left him some goodies. It was pretty cute, he said “Mama, the Easter Bunny knows I like Goldfish and plums (suckers)!”


I went to church then and because it was the early Mass and Nate still had a few things to get done for our meal, he and Ollie stayed home. Mass was lovely, I always feel so refreshed and renewed after the Easter Mass. I went home and packed up the boys and the food we were contributing to our brunch and then we headed to Nate’s parents to celebrate with them, his sister and my mom and dad. Ollie got to have a fun Easter egg hunt outside and he was so excited. Kudos to my sister-in-law for hiding the eggs but making it easy enough for a three year old to find them!


We had a delicious meal of ham, green beans, coleslaw and some traditional Russian goodies (it was Russian Orthodox Easter too and we always celebrate in Nate’s Grandpa’s honor) of sausage and this egg cheese I love called hrutka. And we also had desserts – pound cake with strawberries and this unbelievably delicious Snickers pie my mom made, yum.

After that we were all pretty wiped, so we headed home for a nap. I slept about a half hour and then Nate and I sat out on our deck while Ollie continued to nap. It was a little windy but Β pretty nice. After Ollie woke up we decided since Nate had done a ton of cooking already that maybe we should just find someplace that was open and go out for dinner. We all decided that pizza sounded good, so we hit up our favorite local pizza place for dinner.


Then we headed home and since it was early and still nice outside we walked to our favorite park and threw some discs for a little bit, then came home and pretty much got ready for bed and crashed for the night!

So we didn’t get any fancy pictures, but that was ok. We had a pretty nice day with lots of family time and good weather and that’s enough for me. I hope you all had a great Easter if you celebrate! This week is looking much calmer than my week last week, I’m back to my normal daily schedule, so that makes me happy! Have a great week!

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  1. I didn’t take that many pictures either. Strange for me. My phone was dying so that is my excuse. Or maybe that I was just enjoying family and taking it all in for once. It was a beautiful Easter Sunday in our great state of MN. I hope you had an awesome weekend.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. πŸ™‚ We were pretty low key here.
    We kind of failed in the basket department, we couldn’t find the kiddos’ baskets!!! I improvised and used my magazine basket. THANKFULLY, the Easter Bunny was okay with our parent-fail and hooked up the kiddos with candy, candy, candy. πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic Easter! I love Easter hunts. Since there aren’t many kids around in our famil y at the moment we’re missing out on those fun activities! We focussed mainly on getting stuff done around the house this Easter, but it was still nice to get those things done with the extra days off πŸ™‚
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