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I’ve been dreading this week for awhile. I have to fill in at our Public Works facility while the Public Works admin is on vacation. And normally when I fill in for her it’s not a huge deal other than a super early morning schedule. This week though is different because we have a major project that her and I have been sharing responsibility for that involves setting up appointments – which means the phone rings off the hook. On a normal week her and I have been sharing the phone line taking those calls and even with two of us it’s impossible to get anything done. With her gone it’s all me. So I might be that girl rocking in the corner for most of the week.


Nate is also experiencing some work place stress this week, his partner that he shares the work load with is also on vacation, so it’s all on him too. So he’s also going to be rocking in the corner in a straight jacket. Poor Ollie. I made joke that maybe he should just go move in with grandma and grandpa this week because his parents are going to be a pile of mush on the floor at days end each day!


(I wish this was a boy instead, but this meme was too good not to use)

I kid, but I started thinking about things to help when faced with a stressful situation. I thought maybe I should do so before things get too crazy so I can come reference this post if I’m in the thick of it. So here’s my survival plan for the week:

(1) Keep things simple. I have choir rehearsal and book club on my schedule this week but other than that, I’m making no additional plans. Thankfully choir rehearsal isn’t super long and book club is something fun that I look forward to, so those activities will not be too bad.

(2) Get up from my desk at least once an hour. Even if it’s just to walk down the hall to the restroom. Even if it’s just to step outside for fresh air for a minute. The appointment line has a voicemail box and while I hate calling people back, it’s ok to miss a call or two.

(3) Slow down. We like to laugh but there’s an episode of Thomas and Friends where Engineer Perkins is trying to do things too fast and ends up breaking things or ruining what he’s working on. We’ve been telling Ollie to slow down in certain situations and reminding him about what happens to Engineer Perkins. It’s good advice for me too. I don’t need to rush to close out work orders. I need to make sure they’re done correctly. The work involved is already done, getting them closed out in the system isn’t as important as getting them assigned in the first place.

(4) Take advantage of my schedule. I start this week at 6:00 (told you it was early) which means I’m done at 2:30. Ollie is still napping most days of the week (I think the transition to no naps may be a slow one) which means he’s not up quite yet when I’m done with work. I have about an hour to hour and a half before my mom drops him off. Normally I’m tempted to get all the things done that I can do more easily when Ollie’s not home like vacuum, laundry, cleaning, you get the idea. This week instead of trying to do all those things in that time I will try to read a book, paint my nails,Β maybe stream an episode of Friends and just do something nice for myself.

(5) If all else fails, there’s always beer. I’m kidding, but I also don’t think a glass of beer or wine after Ollie goes to bed this week would be a terrible thing to do and Nate and I can sit together and commiserate about our long days!


And so, there’s my plan for the week and I’ll also be heeding the advice I so often dole out to other people when they’re dealing with a stressful situation – go one day at a time. And if you can’t go one day at a time, go one hour at a time. Or one minute at a time. And this too shall pass!

What do you do when faced with a stressful situation?

18 thoughts on “Stress Busters”

  1. I think these are all great tips. I hope you both have a great week! I know what it’s like to be the only one dealing with the phones/questions, etc. It can get crazy, but definitely take your time. I like your idea of doing something nice for yourself after work too. A good way to de-stress a bit, and something to look forward too which is nice.
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  2. This is really wonderful advice that I need to heed myself lately. I love going out for fresh air whenever possible (that’s why I love to have Buster–he’s a constant reminder to get some exercise!). And you’re totally right to take breaks as necessary… if you don’t, you are no good to anyone. I hope this week goes by quickly for you and your hubs, and that’s great you have Book Club to look forward to at least! Sending all my best wishes <3

    And yes to beer (though my drink of choice is always a tall glass of cold white wine after a long day).You need to reward yourself for all that hard work!

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    1. Of course it had to snow in MN last night! But I’m still trying to get my fresh air breaks. And I appreciate a good glass of wine too! I’m just mostly a beer girl πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a great week!!

  3. Hooray for being done with work early! But I get how those early morning wake ups can get you! I’m hoping to make it to book club, but not positive how the middle of the week is going to go for me.
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