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A blog post from me on a Thursday? Gasp! What is going on here? I’m joining up with a link up on the blog Penny’s Passion called “Thinking Out Loud Thursday” – basically, sharing what you’re thinking about. So what am I thinking about? Right now it’s blogging.

Here’s a confession. In the last several months I found myself kind of losing my blogging mojo. I think there are a few reasons for this. One of them is that several of my favorite bloggers have slowly been dropping off and closing up their blogs. I watched as one after the other either started blogging less or closing down their blog all together and I thought, maybe the blog is dying. Is it time for me to do the same thing?

Another problem is that I started kind of putting myself into a cookie cutter as to what my blog even is. I have attended some fantastic blogger workshops over the last year and a half and I learned some really great things, but I also found I was trying too hard to follow all the “blogging rules” so to speak and I think I slowly started to lose my own voice.

But then a couple of things have happened in the last couple of weeks that have really fueled my fire and passion for blogging again. I joined a supportive blogging Facebook group that a blogger I’ve followed for a long time started with a couple of other people. I used to be a member of some similar groups, but around the time I started my new job I dropped out of them for fear I wouldn’t really be able to participate as easily. I never realized how much I missed those communities though. This new group is just what I needed. It’s a supportive, non judgmental community. I’ve met some wonderful people already and found some great new blogs to follow and have connected with some that I’d forgotten. It’s a wonderful space.

The other helpful thing I did is I sat back and really thought about why I blog. I read through a ton of my old posts (going back to the old Bethie the Boo site in fact) and remembered that I blog for myself, to have a place for memories and to share my story. I always said I was doing this for me as an online scrapbook and if others are following along, then that’s just icing on the cake. So, I’m going to let myself be myself.  I am not going to feel like I have to fit into a cookie cutter that maybe isn’t right for me. I’m going to write my truth, my passion, my life. I don’t have to be just like everyone else. I might not be the most amazing writer, I might not ever be published professionally, but I still have a story and I’m going to tell it my way.

So what does that all mean? Well, just I’m going to be real, I’m going to be me and I’m not going anywhere. Blogging is my baby and I’m never giving it up.

Thanks to the Peaceful Posse on Facebook for being a huge help in getting me back on track and igniting my fire. And thanks to Penny’s Passion for encouraging us to think out loud even if I’ll have Ed Sheeran stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Blogging”

  1. I love this post!!! I know exactly how you feel. I never felt like my blog fit into a specific genre, so sometimes I wonder why I blog. That’s the thing though – I don’t have to have it fit a certain set of rules. I can blog about anything I want. I don’t want to stop blogging either, so even if it’s just the two of us, we have that!

  2. I’m glad you’ve found some new mojo in the blog world! I go through waves of creativity and motivation as well as frustration and blocked thoughts. It can be tough to write creatively. I’m glad you’ve found the support and encouragement you need to get back on track!
    Audrey recently posted…Things I Never Knew I Never Knew pt. 2My Profile

  3. I felt that I was reading about myself when I read your post. I feel like I to am getting back into blogging for ME. I love that I started in 2008 and can look back at all that I have posted about my pregnancy, my son and my life and see all the wonderful memories. The group we are a part of has helped me find my confidence and my purpose for starting to blog in the first place. I feel a part of a community that I haven’t felt since I started blogging over 9 years ago.

    1. YES! That’s what I love about it too! I love being able to look back on my journey to parenthood and what I’ve done with my son and raising him so far. And I love feeling part of a community again too!

  4. YES! That is exactly what happened to me a while back. I got sucked into a very small group. They were all about the stats and numbers SEO blah blah blah that I had started to write entire posts around keywords. So when I read my posts out loud, I felt like they sounded very robotic and lacked the emotion I always wrote with.
    I hated it and then I began to resent them for making me write that way. Yes, they sent angry emails because I wasn’t doing it their way – so I left.
    Now I write for me. If people are reading that’s great. If not, that’s great. I write because it makes me…ME FEEL.
    I hope this group stays fun and carefree and supportive 🙂
    Anyways, write for you. Make you happy girl!
    Kimberly recently posted…My Motherhood Style | #LoveSvelteMy Profile

  5. Reading this makes my heart happy! I am so thrilled that our new Facebook Group motivated you to be more present in the blogging world again! I had kind of lost my blogging mojo as well and founding this group with Charlotte and Lindsay really sparked my blogger’s fire and I am so grateful for that!
    So good to have you, Beth! xxx

  6. The title really DOES make me think Ed Sheeran – but that’s not a bad thing!

    Thanks for your honest post. I’m glad the new facebook group has helped you on your journey recently – I really love it too! – and I think it’s normal to have those moments where you wonder if blogging is still for you. I’m glad you are sticking with it though and doing what you love. Hurrah!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…A Film Review: Beauty and the BeastMy Profile

  7. I love this! What you wrote is so true. There are so many rules for blogging, but at the end of the day you need to enjoy it, so you need to do it the way you want to do it without worrying about doing it work. Glad you decided to stick with it!

  8. Popping over from your comment on my blog and I have to say I love this post! I found myself nodding my head in agreement so much! I started my blog for me and as my scrapbook too. I knew my family would read it but I never expected more people to read it. That was just an amazing surprise and benefit of it that I’ve been so blessed with. I now have friends all over the US whom I get to share my life with and they their life with me and it’s so wonderful. I’ve truly found some amazing friends that I wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise.
    One thing I wanted to mention is i’s funny that you mention Facebook groups… I’m in a couple too. One that my friend started and it seems to work similarly to yours, but one that one of my friends added me to that claims to be similar, but really it’s just for posting your sponsored posts to get clicks and comments and then other threads begging for likes on Instagram and such. It’s so sad. We don’t even know each other that way. i don’t want to beg for clicks and likes and comments. I want you to comment or follow along because you like what I have to say, not because I told you to. I had to leave it. It was the exact opposite of what I’m trying to do with my blog. I want real connections. I want real life. I want to be able to ask questions and not feel scared that someone is judging me and oh thats such a newbie question. That’s so great that you’ve found such an amazing Facebook group to join! That sounds like the community that I love so much about blogging when I first started out!
    Elizabeth [Chasin’ Mason] recently posted…[Who, What, Where, When, Why] My 5 W’s of Blogging.My Profile

  9. Yeah for finding your mojo again. I burned out a few months ago and just recently returned and I thought what you wrote about. I’m just going to blog for fun and blog about what’s on my mind. I’m going to ignore the blogger rules and not worry about followers or linkups or SEO or pinning or social media. I’m just going to write and have friends.
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  10. Don’t scare me like that. I thought you were leaving me… I mean blogging. I go through fits and bursts. I really miss the community that existed 5+ years ago but I don’t miss the constant need for more followers, sponsored items and viral posts.

    1. I am not going anywhere, don’t worry! But even if I did leave blog world, I wouldn’t leave you. You’re stuck with me. I’d find a way to communicate!

  11. I loved reading this Beth, because similar blogging thoughts have been on my mind lately. While I know I don’t want to give it up, it’s become incredibly difficult to keep up with it! I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to post a certain number of times a week, on certain days, but I’m starting to let go of that. I’m just trying to blog when I can, about the things I’m passionate about. Mostly that’s been style, books, and my family. I’m trying to be more active and read/comment on blogs but I’m also not putting so much pressure on myself to do that either. I’m just doing what I can. Anyway, thanks for sharing this–I’m glad you’re not going anywhere!
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