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A Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend so I’m going to talk about it, cause that’s what I do when I have a good weekend. Most exciting post? Maybe not, but that’s just too darn bad!

Our weekend was our oyster, we had absolutely nothing planned and sometimes those are seriously the best kind of weekends. Friday we made dinner, played with Ollie, he went to bed nicely and we were able to watch a movie.

Saturday we got up and asked Ollie what he wanted to do. He wanted to go back to the Twin Cities Model Railroad museum in St. Paul. We had taken him there last weekend and he seriously is in love with this place. Dear Local Parents, if you have a train lover, go there. You won’t be sorry! Anyway, they weren’t opening until 10:00 and we had gotten an early start to our day, so we killed some time at the Ax-Man Surplus store in St. Paul. Oh man, I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I’m not sure if I was more entertained by the merchandise or the things the staff wrote on some of the merchandise, but it was a good time.


Naturally this was one of my favorites (it was a giant bin of tinsel)

Then we went to the museum and Ollie had a great time again. After his nap we had a nice dinner out Donatelli’s and watched another movie after he went to bed.

Sunday morning Nate decided to make bagels (his homemade bagels are to die for) so while he and Ollie did that I ran to the store to get a few extra things we needed. We enjoyed our bagels and because it was early still, ran to the mall to get Nate some shoes and we also picked up a new game for Ollie, Hi Ho Cherry-O. He is in love with it. We finished out our weekend with dinner with Nate’s family and a few fluffy tv shows after Ollie went to bed.


Looking at it, it really doesn’t sound like the most exciting weekend ever. But you know what? I really love weekends like that. I love my busy life, I love doing things and having fun, but sometimes a weekend that just happens as it comes is truly the best. I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend! I love weekends where there are no plans and you can just do whatever you want at the pace you want to do it at! We had one of those weekends as well!

  2. That’s the kind of weekend I yearn for, but we never accomplish because there is always something. If we don’t need to run out to find special socks only available at the store across town, we need to clean the house because it became a disaster over the week and I could make zero progress in one room without the kid turning the next into a pig sty. Scott is starting a new job on Monday, and his last day at his old job is tomorrow, so I get 5 continuous days of him at home… and my goal is to even just have one morning be casual and relaxed “do what we want.” Of course, that’s after he snakes the bathroom sink, and I drive across town to pick up the special socks, and once I stop hiding out in Madeline’s room, which is the only room that is clean because she’s not old enough to mess it up.
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  3. I was really entertained over the weekend when I watched your snaps while you guys were in that store! 🙂 That sounds like a perfect way to kill some time haha. Cheers to a regular old weekend where no extraordinary plans happen, but it still feels pretty special!
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