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SQT – Random Facts

It’s Friday! Time for another round of Seven Quick Takes with This Ain’t the Lyceum! This week I thought I’d feature a round of random facts about me to help you learn more about me – and just because it’s fun.


(1) We have been living without a microwave for over a year. The door broke on our microwave and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to live without it. But we drug our feet a bit on replacing it and the more time went by the more we actually learned to adapt to life without it. The only time I miss it at this point is if we forgot to thaw out meat!

(2) I now have more tattoos than I do piercings. Three tattoos, two piercings. Piercings just don’t agree with me. Somehow tattoos do. Never thought that I would say that!

(3) I have a cutoff point on caffeine intake during the day. I pretty much can’t have any after 1:00. And I learned the hard way the other night that this includes things like Sudafed.

(4) I pretty much never drink pop (or soda for you non-MN people). But the other day at a work training there was Coke available and I had one and it was sinfully good. I don’t remember the last time I had one before that day!

(5) I have a ton of moles. It runs in my family. Ollie hardly has any. But he loves to poke at my moles and go “Mole!” And this reminds me of the scene in the third Austin Powers movie where Austin keeps saying “Mole” to Fred Savage’s “Mole” character. If you know the scene, you know what I’m talking about. (“Moley Moley Moley Moley!”)

(6) I still sleep with a blanket. Yes I’m a 35 year old grown ass woman. I have no shame. My blanket is tattered and falling apart but I sleep with it on my head. I will be buried with it. And I love that Ollie is a blanket kid. Sometimes I wish he’d love a stuffed toy, but really I like it that he’s just like me this way. He even sleeps with is blanket on his head.

(7) I am mildly obsessed with owls. A co-worker picked up on this and has gifted me several owl items since I started my job, I have several owl things on my desk at work and an owl that dangles from the mirror of my car. Yet I think real live actual owls are not that pretty. I’m weird, never said I wasn’t.

Well that was fun! Perhaps you learned something new about me! I hope you all have a great weekend. We’re off to try a fun new activity tonight – curling! I’ll be sharing all about it on Monday, so be sure to check back! And head over to This Ain’t the Lyceum for other blogger quick takes!

5 thoughts on “SQT – Random Facts”

  1. We call it pop here in Kansas too 🙂 It’s one of those things that I wish I didn’t like, but I do. I try not to buy Coke to keep in the house, but my husband drinks whiskey and diet coke so sometimes he’ll buy some regular Coke when he buys diet when it goes on sale… then I get addicted to having it. 🙂
    The “moles” fact made me laugh. I have quite a few moles and freckles too, and Jona calls them “frackles” it’s so funny. Mom, do I have a frackle? Hehe 🙂
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  2. i have my blankie with me in st. paul, but I sleep with my teddy bear. I can sleep without it if I have to. but I prefer not to. I have one can of diet coke around lunch time each day. I also have one cup of coffee in the morning. I don’t know if its specific to caffeine intake, or just my routine. But when I try to skip the coffee or diet coke my day is definitely not the same.
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