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7 Quick Takes – Spring Fever


Linking up with 7 Quick Takes at This Ain’t the Lyceum again today. I love this way of ending the week (or maybe I love that it encourages random thought posts, I’ll never tell.


My Funny Valentine

(1) We’ve been hit with yet another cold bug at our house this week, I’m pretty sure it’s because it was a holiday, my poor kid has been sick for pretty much every holiday this year except Christmas. But, we still had a nice Valentine’s Day in spite of it, we got Ollie a cute Thomas and Friends backpack that he loves carrying around with his toys inside. Nate cooked a delicious pasta dinner for the two of us and we enjoyed a bottle of wine. So really, it was still a nice day.

IMG_2824 (2)

Loving his new backpack (“Take my picture mama!”)

(2) We started watching The Office because the entire series is on Netflix and gasp, I never watched it when it was on regular TV. I have to say I have a stronger appreciation for this show now that I’ve been an admin for over ten years. The first time I tried to watch this show I was a youth minister so I guess it didn’t quite resonate with me the same way! At any rate, I’m really enjoying it and I’m pretty sure we’re going to blow through the entire series pretty fast.

(3) I’m getting my hair cut and colored later today and I’m quite excited about it. Fresh color is just the best and getting my shaggy mop cleaned up will be nice too!

(4) The weather is going to be very weird this weekend for this time of year. Highs in the 50’s and 60’s. It feels wrong, but I’m not going to lie, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping to open some windows and air out the house a bit. Get some fresh air going and get rid of all of our germs floating around. I think we just might have to break open the grill too. Take advantage while we can, it’s Minnesota and if I had to guess, spring won’t be here to stay quite yet, they’re already talking about the “s” word for the end of next week.

(5) In this week’s installment of “Adventures in Adulting” we find Nate’s weekend plans involving the replacement of a toilet in our bathroom. It *should* be simple, but has the potential to be complex, but we’re going to be positive it’s just the simple swap out and not the potential complete bathroom renovation project that could suck up all of our tax refund. Stay tuned. I know you’re on pins and needles just dying to find out!

(6) I’ve been feeling music fatigue lately, listening to the same old, same old and getting SO bored. I streamed the new album from The xx yesterday, I See You. It’s really good, I’ve listened to The xx a bit here and there, but I have to say this album really grabbed me. It reminds me a bit of the sound of another duo I’m pretty fond of, Of Monsters and Men. Anyway, I recommend giving it a listen, it’s kind of dreamy and relaxing.

(7) I decided to stop in one of my local thrift stores for the first time in awhile yesterday in my quest to get into more ethical shopping. I found a cute top for myself, Ollie picked out a purse for me and I got him a recycling truck toy. Spent less than $20 on all of it. Feeling good about recycling and reusing something. We also tried grocery shopping at our local co-op last weekend and were pleasantly surprised at how un-expensive it turned out to be. There were only two items on our list we were unable to find. Ollie loved it because they have the “customer in training” carts that Target and Cub got rid of. I think we might become members. We’ll definitely be giving it another spin no matter what.


New striped top from the thrift store – perfect for spring!

And now I’m on to a three day weekend (thank you President’s Day and working for City Government). I hope you all have a great weekend! Be sure to stop over to This Ain’t the Lyceum to see other Quick Takes from other Bloggers!

3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Spring Fever”

  1. That boy of yours is click-bait! I visited just to see pictures of his cute face. It’s good for you (and all of us) to drop by thrift-stores. They’re so economical and it’s good to give second-hand stuff a new life.
    Shybiker recently posted…Romper RoomMy Profile

  2. I love our Coop. The prices are good, and the assistant manager is my best friend from high school so it’s fun to shop because it gives us a good chance to keep in touch despite having busy lives! But right now they are renovating and while they are still open, it’s chaotic and loud so I prefer to set aside an evening and go to one of the national chain stores that had a Starbucks in it and call it my “me time”

    I could take or leave The Office. I enjoyed it the first time through but I can’t watch it again. Michael gets to me.
    Cara recently posted…Baby Steps: Romance after having a babyMy Profile

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