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What I Wore Wednesday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “What I Wore” post, so I thought today I’d feature a round up of some recent looks. A lot of legging styles here, partly because they fit me best right now but also because it’s been cold and wearing leggings under dresses is more comfortable than tights in my opinion! It is going to be getting kind of crazy warm here though so I may end up in bare legs soon (guess I need to shave soon, dang it!). Anyway, here’s some of my favorites as of late.


I sometimes forget that the Julia dress from Lularoe works well as a tunic and not just a dress. I threw this one on with my black Target leggings, added a sweater and boom. Professional, comfortable and colorful.


This was from the day after the Super Bowl and I was singing the praises of the Carly dress for hiding my post Super Bowl pudge. But seriously, it is the most comfortable dress and I loved it with these fun yellow leggings.


This lovely shawl/sweater/poncho is called the Mimi and it is amazing. There are many different ways to wear it, but I just chose to go poncho style over a pencil skirt and leggings on a chilly day last week.


One of the more simple looks I’ve done lately, I found this top on clearance at Target and loved that it’s a bit longer in the back so I can wear it with leggings and have my booty covered. Clearance for the win!


And finally here is today, a colorful fun look to perk up the middle of the week. This Old Navy swing dress is so comfy and when you put it with fox leggings, my favorite thrifted boots and a bright sweater, it makes it extra fun.

So there you have it, some of my favorite winter looks. Like I said, it’s going to be pretty much spring here by this weekend, which scares me a little (thanks Global Warming) but I am also kind of excited to not have to wear eighty million layers!

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  1. I love all of your looks!! Leggings are the greatest – I wish I had more tops I could wear with my leggings. I don’t like it when they don’t cover my bottom. I should really look into a lace extender.

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