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See Beth Read: Books for Fun

My loose goal this year is to read two books a month (if I can do more than that, awesome). I’ll have one book for book club each month and then one that I pick for myself. So, after reading a heavier read like Malala, I decided to let myself have fun with Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody.

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I am a fan of Anna Kendrick. She’s got a great range of talent and she also seems like someone I’d want to hang out with just from what I’ve seen in interviews and such. Her book is everything I’d expect from her – it isn’t just some celebrity’s “ooh look at me, here’s how I became a star” type autobiography. She does share about her rise to stardom, but it isn’t so much a “oh my god I’m so awesome” kind of way.

I learned things about her I didn’t know, such as she was a child star on Broadway for many years before moving to Hollywood and breaking into movies. I think what I appreciate the most is she is so real and seems pretty down to earth. One of my favorite chapters is a entire chapter dedicated to all the parties she’d love to throw, but never has, just has a list written with all the details (my favorite being the New Year’s Eve party she’d have where everyone could come in their pajamas and sleep). I also love fantasizing about theme parties to throw – but I never throw them! She also talks about the behind the scenes action at several award shows and it was quite informative!

Overall it was a very fun read and it made me like Anna even more. I think I’d be pretty good friends with her if I was actually famous, ha!

Also for fun I wanted to add a little review of a couple of books that we’ve been reading with Ollie. I had to go to the library the other day to pick up my next book club book and I decided to bring Ollie with and let him pick out a few books. There were definitely a couple of winners in the batch we brought home.


It’s Not Easy Being Number Three by Drew Dernavich – The number 3 decides he’s tired of being a number and wants to do something more important, so he quits being a number and tries being a whole host of other things, including shoelaces, items in a school classroom and eventually a bronze statue in a park. But he soon learns that the other numbers suffer without him and that he is most important by just being himself. I love the message and Ollie just loves numbers, so this book has been a huge hit.


A Fire Truck Named Red by Randall de Seve – This is the sweetest story, a little boy wants a fancy red fire truck for his birthday, but instead his grandfather gives him his old fire truck. At first the little boy is disappointed, but then as they fix it up together, the grandfather tells him of all the adventures they used to have together and pretty soon the little boy sees that the old truck is just as good as a brand new one and he takes it on his own adventures. Ollie has never had a problem accepted hand me downs, but I still loved the message in this story and Ollie has been a huge fan of this book.


Thump, Quack, Moo by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin – A silly book about a farmer who puts his animals to work on a corn maze and how a scheming duck shows the farmer up. It’s just a silly story with lots of animal sounds and noises. I think that’s what Ollie likes best in this one honestly.

I loved letting Ollie pick out some books for himself and I look forward to the next time we go to the library to get some more books. I love that we have a bunch of our own books for Ollie to read, but it is fun getting some variety every now and then!

3 thoughts on “See Beth Read: Books for Fun”

  1. Anna’s books sounds very interesting! I might have to get it at the library. I love the books Ollie picked out to read too! I love reading so much. I need to read some more – I have been lacking in that department lately it seems like.

  2. This was such a well-timed read! Jona’s library books are due and I needed some ideas for what to get next, and I think he would love the fire truck story, and probably the Thump Quack Moo too! And Anna Kendrick’s book does sound like a fun one too!
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  3. I can’t even think about planning parties I know I’d ever through. The thought exhausts me! We don’t throw many parties. It took us two years to throw a housewarming one, and while I know I have to throw one for Scott this summer, I’m already dreading it. But a party where people just come sleep? Ya, I’d do that!
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