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Hidden Figures


My book club ladies were talking about going and seeing Hidden Figures in the theater but the day they picked to go ended up not working out for me. As luck would have it, plans I had for my day off on MLK Day also fell through, so Jen asked if I wanted to go see that movie with her. My mom was already going to be keeping Ollie for me, so it worked out for us to go to a morning matinee (side note, this is awesome that theaters do this now, I never knew you could go to a movie before noon).

This movie. Oh this movie. One of the BEST I’ve seen in a long time. If you aren’t familiar with it, Hidden Figures is the true story of three African American women who have jobs working at NASA in the early 1960s – a time that this sort of thing was unheard of. All three women are extremely intelligent and we see how they all end up in pretty high up and important roles at a time that racial inequality was rampant. One of the scenes I loved best was when main character Katherine’s boss (a white male of course) asks her where she goes every day when he looks out and can’t find her – she explains she has to run across the campus to the computer lab where there is a colored restroom. She gives a rather poignant speech and leaves the room clearly very emotional and flustered. The next thing we see is her boss banging at the sign that says “colored restroom” to take it down and he says “here at NASA we all pee the same color. Now let’s all get to work.”

This movie was based on a book that was written about these three women. I may read the book now that I’ve seen the movie, but I have to say, this movie tells their story so well I don’t know if I need to read it! I also love that we also see a sweet little love story between Katherine and a man she meets, it was a nice little side piece to everything else that goes on at NASA.

I felt like this was a wonderful way to spend Martin Luther King Day, especially when a clip was played of an interview he gave. I will admit I had chills seeing that. And given the tone of things right now with Inauguration Day tomorrow and the state of things at the moment, I think this movie is a great way to find inspiration, feel empowered and lift your spirits. I look at what these women endured and fought for and it makes me realize anything is possible. You have to keep fighting, you have to keep raising your voice and pushing back at every turn. And like they did, we will rise up.

To summarize in short – go see this movie. You won’t regret it. Five stars.

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