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#MomStyleRemix – It’s in the Bag

So to lighten things up a bit, I thought I’d participate in the Mom Style Remix for the month with Anne and Jenn. This month’s theme is something I’m all over – sort of. It’s tote bags. But here’s the thing. You all know I love, LOVE bags. But I just can’t seem to love tote bags specifically. I’ve tried, but big bags are just not my vibe. I’m a medium sized bag wearer. So instead of a tote bag, here’s an ode to my favorite bag.


This bag is my life. It’s the Miles of Style from the Jewell by Thirty One collection. I was briefly a Thirty One consultant but let it lapse. Before I did though I was able to snatch this bag up at a really good price and it’s been my jam. I have another one in blue that I used a bit this summer, but this caramel colored bag is my fave.


It can be carried a variety of different ways, so that’s one of the reasons I think I love it more than a tote bag. I can carry it by hand, over my wrist, on my shoulder or crossbody. The crossbody strap can be adjusted to be shorter and worn more like a hobo style or it can be lengthened. Crossbody is really great for shopping and chasing my toddler.

I have tried to like black bags, but they just aren’t my style. I prefer browns and grays. And I’m surprised with how this bag seems to look great with just about any color. It looks great with neutral tones as shown above, but it can go with black and white (and a little red) as shown below too.


I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the inside too. It’s nothing fancy, it’s a light colored fabric with the Jewell by Thirty One logo printed on it. But I like the light color, it helps you see what’s inside a little better!


As you can see, a lot of things fit – my wallet, a couple of pouches for organzing, mints, hand sanitizer. It has a couple of pockets and it can also be customized with extra pockets if you want. Sometimes I add a zipper pocket and sometimes I leave it as is. I can also slide a small package of wipes and a Pull Up or two for Ollie in here and I’ve also had cars of his make his way into it as well.

And because I adore my wallet, I’m sharing a picture of that too, you can see how big it is and that it easily fits in this bag.


It’s also a Thirty One product – the All About the Benjamins wallet. I fell in love with the cork and sparkle pattern. It fits a ton of stuff and matches my bag pretty nicely.

So there you have it! I keep switching up to other bags because I’m such a bag lady, but I’m finding myself going back to this one more and more. It’s just the all around perfect bag for me.

Be sure to check out Anne and Jenn’s blogs for more Mom Style Remix and see others who played by the rules a bit more than I did. Sorry Tote Bag, you’re totes awesome, but totes not my thing. Hahaha!


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  1. That looks like a great bag in a perfect size. The color goes with everything too! Before Violet, I carried my leather tote everywhere, but now it’s my backpack diaper bag that’s my go-to bag. I planned to do a post for it but didn’t get to it!
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