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The Halloween that Was and Wasn’t

Well, we celebrated about half of a Halloween this year thanks to some sickness hitting the house. But what we did get to celebrate we really enjoyed! Let’s flashback to last Friday.

My work had a costume contest and a chili contest to celebrate the holiday a little early. I decided to use the Crab hat I bought at Crayfest this summer and be a crab for Halloween. It was fun making jokes about feeling “crabby.” One of my co-workers teased me about it not being like any other day (like I’m always a crab, ha.) Anyway, here’s a picture of my costume. I thought it turned out cute, but I didn’t win any prizes, boo!


Friday night my boys and I had a pretty low key evening and I introduced Ollie to one of my favorite Halloween specials, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, while Nate finished his costume. The look on Ollie’s face when he tried on his costume before bed was absolutely priceless, much like last year.


To the average person he probably just looks like a fire dog, but trust me, he’s Marshall from Paw Patrol.

Saturday we went to a super fun event in the evening with Jen’s family at their church. It was a Trunk or Treat, but because it was raining the event was held inside. Before trick or treating we also took the kids to dinner at Burger Jones because kids in costumes ate free – free is my love language. Anyway, the trick or treating was a ton of fun and Ollie had fun with Jen’s girls. And of course, we had to take a few pictures.


Jen was a mermaid and I wore my crab costume. And we really didn’t plan this on purpose, it just kind of happened that way because that’s how we roll somehow.


Callie was Skye from Paw Patrol and Avery was Shimmer from the show Shimmer and Shine. Oh Nickelodeon, you really are a gold mine aren’t you?


Forced smiles. This was before getting candy, they really just wanted to get going!


Ollie kept looking back at us each time he got candy like, is this really for me? Do I get to keep it? It was pretty cute.

Sunday we had our family pictures taken in the morning, I have a sneaking suspicion they are going to be insanely cute this year so stay tuned. Sunday afternoon and evening we worked on our pumpkins. We let Ollie paint the tiny sugar pumpkin we got at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. He loved painting it!


He was more interested in watching the process of carving the pumpkins than actively participating, so we he hung out on a step stool and watched us scoop out the other two pumpkins and carving them. He was very impressed with the end product!


And that was pretty much where our Halloween fun ended. Sunday night Ollie woke up with a fever and was sick for pretty much the rest of this week. We finally got to the bottom of things last night, he has an ear infection and finally got antibiotics. Doctors don’t like to prescribe them as freely as they used to, but Ollie’s had progressed to the point that it was deemed necessary. And after two doses he’s already well on the mend and the fever is gone, hallelujah! So, while he missed trick or treating on Halloween, he at least got to have quite a bit of fun last weekend. Here’s hoping we stay healthy for the holidays coming up, because honestly, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas (and BIRTHDAYS) more than Halloween anyway!

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