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#MomStyleRemix – Jackets

I pretty much knew when I saw the prompt for Mom Style Remix with Anne from In Residence and Jenn of What You Make It for this month that I would be featuring my jean jacket. If there ever was a closet MVP award, my jean jacket would take home the prize. I have worn my jean jacket every way from this way to Sunday. It goes perfectly over a sundress in summer and it goes with colored pants in winter. It’s just the one thing I cannot live without. Here are a few ways I’ve worn it in the last few months.


It’s the perfect companion to a light dress such as this striped one from Stitch Fix. I also added to the casual factor by wearing a pair of Converse style sneakers. I love how it can dress something down, but still leave you feeling nice and put together.

I have a ton of the Pixie Pants from Old Navy and I hope they’ll still be what the cool kids are wearing this year. A very easy look here with an Irma from Lularoe and some fun red boots for a pop of color. As I mentioned above I also have several different colored jeans, such as pink, so I know I’ll be wearing my jacket with those too!

Another look from summer, but also one that could be brought into Fall and Winter, throwing my jean jacket over the Julia dress from Lularoe. In summer it just added a nice light layer for a cool day. In winter it would look cute if I added some leggings and boots as well.

Speaking of winter, the honorable mention award has to go to another jacket I love, but will only wear in winter because of it’s weight. I have a blazer I adore that I picked up at a styling event that Megan and Nora from the former two birds blog had done, they selected it for me and I adore it.

Clearly I like wearing it with the same Stitch Fix top, ha! But it’s another great piece to pair with colored jeans, the buttons are so fun, it feels like of band leader-ish in a way. I have also worn this with regular jeans as a way of dressing them up. The best part about this blazer is that it’s soft, it’s made of almost more of a t-shirt material, but it’s thick and warm and perfect for winter. I’m guessing I’ll be getting use of this soon, cause like it or not, winter is coming.

So there you have it. A couple of different ways I wear jackets. I will say I’m a pretty big sweater gal, so most of the time that’s what I’ll wear when I need a layer of warmth, but I definitely can’t live without these two jackets in my closet. The style possibilities are just endless on both.

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