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State Fair 2016 Recap

We had an absolute blast at the Minnesota State Fair on Friday! It had to be one of the top ten weather days of the entire summer, we seriously lucked out!

This year we chose to do the free Park and Ride bus instead of driving to the Fairgrounds and parking there. Nate and I always used to do the bus, but the first couple of years with Ollie we thought it was easier to park there. This year we only brought a small umbrella stroller, so decided to give the bus a go. Ollie naturally loved it because he’s all about buses! We all woke up fairly early, so we made it to the Park and Ride location nice and early too! We ended up walking through the gates right around 8:00 am (yeah we’re nuts, but the plus side, there aren’t a lot of people strolling around at that hour!)


We wasted no time finding Ollie a bag of mini-donuts. And he was pretty much hellbent on eating the entire bag himself. Nate and I each got one I think! So, Nate and I split our usual French Crepe instead!


Since it was so early and not much else was open, we took advantage of being able to go through the animal buildings before there were a ton of people.  Ollie loved the chickens and sheep.  Not long after that Nate’s extended family arrived so we met up with them near the West End Market where we tried the Blue Cheese Corn Fritters from the Blue Barn (NOM) and Schell’s special Red Sangria beer (also nom).  We had also grabbed Big Wood Brewing’s Chocolate Chip Beer and were pleasantly surprised by that as well – also quite tasty!

IMG_0753 IMG_0761

We wandered around a little bit more with Nate’s sister for a bit.  She was able to take a super fun family picture of us.  We also stopped by the DNR Building and because it was Fire Prevention Day they were doing Forest Fire Fighting with kids, so Ollie got to “put out a forest fire”.


Then we met up with Nate’s family again and hung out in the Cafe Caribe stand for a bit, listened to some music and ate our favorite turkey sandwich from Turkey To Go. After that Nate and I decided instead of doing a beer flight this year, we’d do a wine flight up in the Minnesota Wine Country, so we did that and also enjoyed some deep fried brie while Ollie played with his cars and ate an applesauce pouch. We also stopped by the Fox 9 Booth and had a picture with Tom Butler and Alix Kendall, whom I’ve been watching for years and Ollie has been watching since he was nursing on my lap back when he was newborn!


We consumed some cheese curds and french fries, walked around the Agriculture building and ooh’d and ahh’d over the giant pumpkins, watched some karaoke and then Nate grabbed a foot long hot dog and I got myself an ice cream cone (Izzy’s Chocolate Agate Crunch with Butter Coffee flavored Izzy on top) and then we pretty much called it a day by around 2:00 as Ollie was tired and in need of a nap.


It was a pretty low key Fair day this year, we didn’t do a lot of the stuff I thought we would, but it was still a really fun day.  We made sure to stop by i like you and I got myself three new cute shirts and we got Ollie a school bus (with people inside) from Greg’s Toys. Eating, shopping, animals, people watching, what more could you want from a Fair day?


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