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Ollie Says, Round 2

I thought it would be fun to bring you another round of Ollie-isms.  He seriously cracks us up on the daily and I have no idea where he comes up with some of this stuff.

A song about his “life”: He tells daddy he wants to sing the song about his life.  So Nate says, ok, let’s here it.  Ollie goes “um” and then starts singing “My band and my life. My band and my life. I still got my dog.” No idea where he got that, though if you ask him he’ll say “mama sings that in the car sometimes.” What??


He now says “probably or I think” when you ask him something.  Me: Ollie, do you want milk or water? Ollie: Um, milk I think. Nate: Ollie do you want to go to Silverwood Park or Kordiak Park? Ollie thinks for a moment: Probably Silverwood.

Nate’s parents have this chicken and egg game.  Ollie was playing with it and started calling one of the chickens, Chicken Barb (his grandma is also Barb). He left the room and then came back in telling us “I can’t say my name.” And we finally said, why not, what is your name? And he said “Chicken Barb!” Then laughed hysterically. I think this might have been his first attempt at a joke.

He and Nate have a game they play with the telephone. Ollie will tell Nate to answer the phone.  Nate will ask Ollie “They want to know if we have any bananas.  Do we have bananas?” And Ollie will say “no, not right now.” Then Nate will say “what do we have instead?” And Ollie says “tator tator hot dish.” (tator tot hot dish.) Nate will say “so should they come get some?” And Ollie says “no, come down for bananas right now!” Then they’ll repeat this loop forever.  It’s pretty funny.


When he doesn’t want to do something lately, instead of saying he doesn’t want to or even just no, he says “I can’t do that right now.” So example, Ollie it’s time to go pick out stories before nap. “I can’t pick out stories right now.”

The sweetest the other day when we were in the swimming pool, he came over to me and said “Mama, you need me!” Heart melted.

And I will leave you with a very typical boy statement regarding bodily functions, it’s deep let me tell you: “My poop is poopy.”


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  1. Aw kids say the darndest things. This is why I actually love the two and three year old ages–they are so much fun! Reilly’s latest things are “no” (of course, but he also says it when he means yes) and “helping”. He loves helping with everything. It’s so fun! And Ollie’s joke sounds like one that I would tell! Good job buddy!

  2. I love reading these kinds of posts. Kids are amazing and I love seeing how they pick up on our little language idiosyncrasies or start to develop a sense of humor and start to tell jokes. It’s adorable. “Mama, you need me.” My heart melted when I read that too.
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