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Two and a Half

June is already more than half over so it’s a bit late for an update, but at the beginning of the month Ollie turned 2 1/2. And when you ask him now how old he is, he says “2 and a half.” He is quite possibly the coolest 2 1/2 year old I know, so I thought I’d give a little update on what’s new in his little world.


He still loves being outside, not much has changed there.  He’s really getting the hang of disc golf, I think it’s the highlight of his weekend when we go play. He’s still my water baby, he loves water in all forms. His favorite is getting to help water the garden and flowers and then turning the hose on himself (or mommy and daddy – yikes). He loves getting to help with anything around the house, sometimes it means chores can be extra long, but I love how much he just wants to be part of things.


He’s starting to use imaginative play and it’s so fun to see.  He’ll play with his cars and trucks and if you ask him where they’re going he’ll say “Um, Home Depot!” He’s extremely inquisitive, he asks questions about everything – “what’s that? Where’s it going? What’s it do? What’s in there? Who is that?” It can get trying at times, especially if you don’t know the answer to something, but we are as patient as we can be. We have actual conversations now which is also fun. I love seeing the world through his eyes.


Even if he’s halfway through two, he’s still two.  He still has his tantrum moments, they mostly come if he’s frustrated and isn’t sure how to ask for help or sometimes they happen when he just plain isn’t getting his way.  We deal with them as calmly as we can and Daniel Tiger songs still help most of the time. We use time outs for extreme negative behavior such as hitting or throwing things.  Thankfully those aren’t happening often.


He’s starting to become more independent and is entering the “I want to do it” phase. It’s hard to step back and let him try things, especially if I know it might lead to a mess, but I know it’s an important part of his learning and growing, so as long as it isn’t something that will possibly hurt him, we’re letting him do things for himself when he wants. Now we just need this independence phase to convince him that he wants to use the potty!


He is a love bug.  He loves so hard.  I love how much he loves his people.  And I won’t lie, I love that he’s still very much a mama’s boy.  I’ll soak up the cuddles and snuggles he dishes out for as long as he keeps giving them. He’s a monkey and a wild one and a free spirit, but he’s a big sweetheart and such a source of joy to us. Love you to the moon and back my Ollie Boy!

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  1. I love that kid so much!! It warms my heart that he calls me Auntie Gina and he is really starting to love it when Steve and I come over! Can’t wait to see him again (and you guys as well!)
    Gina recently posted…One YearMy Profile

  2. He is just so adorable Beth! Jona loves to play with us or friends too, but it is the most fun to watch him play by himself. He also takes his cars to the Home Depot, which I think is hilarious! Ollie seems like such a sweet, smart boy, I love reading your updates. I need to share an update too–as much as anything to help remember all the good, funny things–right now we are having some sleep struggles that are leading to tired, cranky tantrums (from both Jona AND mommy, ha!) and I get overwhelmed with that sometimes.
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  3. Aw I love your little updates because I can relate so much–Reilly is only a few months behind Ollie! He also is loving helping around the house too which, as you said, takes longer but makes it way more fun! I really love the photos. He is such a cool dude! I wish he and Reilly could play one day!

  4. I find it so weird that our kids are 9 months apart. It’s less than a year, but they’re still at the age when it feels miles apart. I’m anxiously awaiting conversations that go beyond: “how much does mama love you?” “So much!” (Though I do cherish those!). At the same time, that gap is starting to close. While we’re still a good ways away, potty training is on the horizon (and if C has taught us anything, it’s likely going to be on her schedule not ours, and it’s likely to be sooner than we expect).
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