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#TBT Homecoming

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! I’ll pick up pretty much right where I left of last week, here is a look at homecoming my sophomore year and what took place with B.

September 24, 1997

Hello! What’s up? Lots. Basically I’m really working at getting to know B. Homecoming is next week so I’m crossing my fingers something works out with him. I also have a job.  I’m babysitting these two adorable twin boys two days a week.  They were born early so they’re very little still, but they’re very sweet. Their mom is very nice, she works from home so she’s there if there is a major problem.  We play outside and I take them on walks. I’m getting $18 a week, so it’s cool. Well, I better go! Bye! <3 Beth (Side note, Laura, I stuck this post in for you after reading all your posts on babysitting and what you made, so funny what we thought was “a good amount!)

September 27, 1997

I love B. I  love B. I love B. Sorry.  It’s been a really good week. I’ve made a bit of progress with him so that’s cool. Today is Stephanie’s birthday party. I can only go for a little bit because we start singing at church again today. I’m actually looking forward to it. But anyway, homecoming is this week.  We’ll see if anything exciting happens! Gotta go. <3 Beth

September 30, 1997

God I love B! Help me! Anyway, I’ve been asking him each day about whether or not he’s coming to homecoming. He doesn’t know yet. I played a solo at coronation last night and he was there because his sister is on the court. He said I did a good job. That made my day! Jenni was going to talk to Anna who was going to talk to T (a friend of B and future boyfriend of Anna) to see who B likes and if he likes me. I hope to God he likes me. Me. Me. ME! Gotta go. <3 Me

October 1, 1997

I let Jenni talk me into asking B to homecoming in a note tomorrow.  I’m so nervous! We’re building the float tomorrow after school. Friday we have pep band for the game, fireworks after the game and then the dance. Cool. Well, I’ll write more tomorrow. Bye! <3 Beth

October 4, 1997

Well let’s see. I asked him. He came! He said yes! He was only going to come to the game, but Jenni talked him into going to the dance. It was so fun! I sat with just him during 1st quarter and with everyone during 2nd quarter. Then after half time it got chilly and I had left my sweatshirt back in the band room. B moved down by me and said “are you cold?” and I said “yeah”, so he let me borrow his flannel. How sweet is that? Then the dance was really fun too.  I did get one slow dance with him. Guess which song? “Twisted” again! I have danced with three different guys to that song now! But each one has been special and different.  Especially this one.  Best night ever. <3 Me


And so began what would never be defined as a relationship, but looking back, totally was one. Next week’s posts will kind of show why. I am laughing at my girly innocence. It’s just too cute. Laura’s taking the week off, but come back next week for more Throwback Thursday fun!

5 thoughts on “#TBT Homecoming”

  1. So much fun reading these posts from back in the day! I love the babysitting one – I remember making that much too and thinking – wow this is good money!
    Gina recently posted…This GirlMy Profile

  2. I love all the “I love him” gushing, too cute. And all your memories with “Twisted”… I remember that song at many a slow dance too 🙂 Ahhh young love.
    Shea recently posted…Currently: MayMy Profile

  3. “And future boyfriend of Anna”-wow so that didn’t happen and “let me borrow his flannel!!!” -how 1990s!!! Also damn I was apparently an instigator of a lot of things….(feeling a bit sheepish because I certainly never realized this then). Its so funny to read my memories from your point of view-totally look forward to these every week.

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