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MN to Jamaica Part Two

As I said yesterday, by Wednesday we were getting a little restless and bored with just hanging out and swimming, so we decided it was a good day to venture into town for lunch.  We headed to a place in Negril called Rick’s Cafe.  Apparently it’s been voted one of the top bars in the world and a “must see” before you die kind of place.  Getting to town was pretty simple, our hotel had a taxi service available (we had to pay extra, not included in the “all inclusive” cost), so all we had to do was stop up at the desk and they arranged our ride.  The nice thing was, the person that drove us, also drove us back.  We just told him what time we wanted to be picked up.


Rick’s Cafe is up a top a cliff looking over the ocean.  The views from the entire restaurant are amazing. We were seated in a nice spot in the upstairs that was covered and had fans so we didn’t get too hot and we could watch everything going on below….including cliff jumping.  Yep, they let people jump into the ocean from the cliff. We ordered a variety of food from the menu and were enjoying our meal and watching brave fools jumping into the ocean when Nate said “I wish I’d brought a swimsuit, I’d totally go down and do that.” I just kept eating and kind of smiled and nodded, but I could see the gears turning in his head. The next thing I know, he decides to go ask if he could just strip down to his boxers and jump in.  They said he could jump in wearing whatever he wanted.  So he totally went for it.  While Ollie and I stayed a nice safe distance away and watched. He said it was quite a rush, but he kind of bruised his tailbone when he hit the water. I’m glad he’s just still in one piece!

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Wednesday evening we ate at the second of the themed restaurants on the property, a fusion style restaurant.  The food there was really good. It wasn’t Ollie’s cup of tea so much, but there was plenty of bread and we snuck in a couple of other things we knew he’d eat.

dinnerdate dinnerdate2

Thursday ended up being another beach/pool day.  Ollie had a ton of fun because we bought him a disc at Rick’s Cafe, so of course he had fun throwing that on the beach with daddy.  I think we spent the longest amount of time on the beach that day – I think I am still finding sand in my toes! For dinner on Thursday we chose to eat at a third themed restaurant, a steakhouse. Nate opted for steak and I ended up with shrimp and chicken kabobs that were pretty good!


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Friday was another adventure day and I’ll talk more about that in tomorrow’s post when I wrap up our week away! Throwback Thursday will return next week!

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  1. Love all the pictures! That is awesome Nate did the cliff jumping – I wouldn’t be able to, that’s for sure! It sounds like your trip has been amazing!
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  2. Aw your fun beach pictures are giving me serious wanderlust. The restaurant you talk about reminds me of one that Patrick and I ate at in Aruba. Sigh. Miss that place. I am sure that Ollie had a blast!

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