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Vacation Brain

I am officially on vacation brain.  Our trip is just about here.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. We’ve been working on last minute details this week and everything is falling into place, so I’m much more excited than nervous at this point.  This isn’t to say that I’m all packed yet though!  There are 24 useful hours in every day so I intend to use them all, ha!

It will be business as usual on the blog, I have some posts scheduled to go live while I’m gone.  I hope to post some of our adventures on Instagram, so follow along with me there if you aren’t already.  I will likely be also using Snapchat a bit as well, follow me there if you’d like (BethieTheBoo). And if you’re Facebook friends with me I’ll be updating that too.

I just can’t wait to relax and unwind with my two favorite boys, soak up lots of sun, eat Jerk chicken, drink rum, and celebrate (although about a month and half early) ten years of being married to the most wonderful man on earth. Jamaica, here we come!


Ollie’s ready to go!

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